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Face it, we all hate waiting at the lights on Dunmore Road to cross the TransCanada, waiting to turn left onto 15th Street SW by the Husky, and to a lesser extent, turning left onto 7th Street SW by the Callaghan Inn.

I have seen many accidents at the Dunmore Road / TransCanada intersection and a few along the TransCanada through town. So why not just turn all these intersections into overpasses? It might cost a lot of money, but I would not rather see the aggravation of fellow drivers while they are waiting followed by them getting slammed by an 18 wheeler. Even one would probably relieve a lot of traffic congestion. Although that might increase the congestion at other intersections.

Unless we are willing to rename Medicine Hat from “The Gas City” to “The Vehicle-Emissions City” and let motorists idle for 5-15 minutes, especially driving to Walmart on a Saturday or Sunday, I think it is time a solution was created for these intersections.



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