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Rattler Run 2010

Rattler Run 2010

The Medicine Hat College annual Rattler Run is coming up again and is open to all ages of all competitive levels.

The Rattler Run is a fun run, designed to give the Medicine Hat community an opportunity to be outside, get some exercise, fresh air, and have fun. The city, after all, has over 100km of trail systems, so the Rattler Run gives everyone an opportunity to appreciate them.

This year’s run will take place on Saturday, April 24th, between 9:00AM and 10:30AM. Water stops will be placed along the way for runners/walkers, some health snacks for after, and an awards ceremony for the runners.

Like last year, Taylor and I will be volunteering at the water stops, so at the very least you can see how organized and OCD our station will be.

Registration can be done online or through snail mail, but must be completed before April 24th. To register, check the following:

For more information, including cost and maps of the routes, please visit:

If you want to get involved with running for fun or competitively, please visit the Medicine Hat Mad Hatters Running Club.

The Mad Hatters are a running club that have run all over the prairies and beyond. They are based out of Medicine Hat and the club is run by members, for members. Their mission is simple: To run, to have fun and create networks of friendship.

The club offers group runs for beginners and regulars, training exercises for different terrains, preparation for races, and they host a number of social events.

On the website, you can find information about the club, how to join, a schedule of events, photos from past races, links to their partner sites and past race results.

Running has many great benefits besides cardiovascular fitness, it also increases oxygen utilization, improves blood flow, strengthens the heart, and what is more, it is an all-around sport that has no age limitations.

If you are interested in running, whether casually or for fun, check them out, they are a friendly group of people that will welcome you with open arms.



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