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A Canadian movie, just released (March 6th) called ‘One Week’ with Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek fame.  It was filmed across Canada and there is an interesting story of the filming in Medicine Hat.

From the website, Director Michael McGowan talks about how the film was made on a shoestring budget and explains that this type of guerrilla filmmaking mirrored the spontaneous nature of the story and the lead character’s journey. “Countless times, if we happened to drive by a location that we liked, we’d just stop and shoot,” McGowan says. “Fortunately, everything that could have gone wrong– everything from Josh falling off the bike to bad weather to locations we couldn’t get–didn’t happen.”

For example, one of the most stunning locations in the film is ‘Fran’s ranch’. Finding the location was pure luck. “This was always going to be an ambitious day of filming. We needed a stunning vista, a pick-up truck, a farm. Horses for the actors to ride and not to mention lunch for the crew,” McGowan says. Typically this would involve wranglers, extensive location scouting and organizing the infrastructure to shoot in a remote location. By the time the crew arrived in Medicine Hat, on a Friday, they still didn’t have a location for their Monday shoot.

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