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There has been a lot of talk circulating around Twitter and Facebook lately regarding the mistreatment of animals at the Guzoo Zoo in Three Hills, Alberta.

Bengal Tiger. Photo by Nic Burgess

Bengal Tiger. Photo by Nic Burgess

Guzoo describes itself as being a wonderful idea by a silly man and has been in operation since 1990. Guzoo claims itself to be an animal sanctuary, but recently, there has been a public uproar that focuses around the habitat in which the animals are kept. The Guzoo website cites that many animals, including lions and tigers, cope well with (and even like) winter conditions, but that many of them are kept inside during the winter season and only let out during chinook weather. Even so, there is something that does not seem quite right about seeing a Bengal Tiger sitting in a tiny snow covered cage that is devoid of any trees or grass. Along with this, Guzoo’s website asks for sympathy for its Zookeepers, who apparently have it worse than the animals in winter:

Don’t feel bad for the animals in the winter, they are much better suited to tolerate the cold temperatures then you might think.  Instead, give our poor zoo keepers some sympathy.  Regardless of the weather conditions, they must trample through snow, struggle with frozen locks, numb fingers and fight with the feed tractor which often chooses not to start on the REALLY cold days. Having to dress in layer upon layer of clothing makes movement all that more laborious.  Shoveling snow out of gates and walkways, making necessary repairs to damage caused by board breaking winter winds, and trekking out into the various pastures to check that the automatic waterers have not froze up, are just some of the hardships of winter  Believe me; the winter is harder on the humans at the zoo than the animals.
From Guzoo in Winter

Barbary Macaque (Endangered) by Nic Burgess

Barbary Macaque (Endangered) by Nic Burgess

Other reported mistreatments include bad water dishes for the animals, injured animals, over abundance of animal feces, garbage within enclosures, dangerous objects within enclosures,  food seemingly thrown over the fence for the animals to pick at, extremely small living conditions and exposing the animals to frigid temperatures for which they are not accustomed to. Much of what I have found on the Internet describes how many of the animals in winter do not have heated water dishes for winter and as a result of the water freezing, resort to eating snow.

Another topic of discussion is that Guzoo apparently does not do much to help animals that are hurt or get into fights, and how animals that are killed are not cleaned up or dealt with, but rather, the corpses simply stay there for the duration of the season.

Many additional reports can be found by Googling “Guzzo Animal Farm” including:

I have also found a video of the poor conditions at Guzoo, which can be viewed below:



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