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Menggu Grill is back, well not really, but it might as well be. This time around the new owners are calling the restaurant “Asia Garden”.

Is a change of name, but the same style of food a good business venture or not? Probably not, because as most people in Medicine Hat are aware of, Menggu Grill had big issues regarding breaching health regulations some time ago as described on our Menggu Grill Closes post, and after struggling afterward, they were forced to close down. Even the restaurant which existed before the Menggu Grill, named Fortune Gardens had health issues previously. I think most people have given up hope for restaurants in that building, but who knows, maybe these guys can set it right!

Even though Asia Garden is run by different owners, and is a bit different in terms of food and style, I wonder if people will be persuaded by the new name even though the building has been previously plagued with health problems.



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