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City of Medicine Hat staff working in Echo Dale Regional Park this week have spotted what appears to be a cougar, in the vicinity. This is not uncommon as many areas of Alberta report cougar sightings each year.

Signs will be posted at the Park warning the public of the sighting.

Some safety tips to remember if you spot or encounter a cougar anywhere in your travels:

  • Do not run or turn your back.
  • Cougars are most active at dusk and dawn.
  • If the cougar appears to be unaware of your presence, gather children and pets in close, slowly and cautiously back away and leave the area.
  • If the cougar spots you keep eye contact as you slowly back away to safety.
  • Pick up or remain holding small children.
  • Look larger than life.  Raise your arms above your head to make yourself look larger than normal. This may help to intimidate the cougar. You may also want to throw rocks and yell at it. Aggression will often scare it off.
  • Report the sighting to the local Fish and Wildlife Office at 403. 529.3680

Jenn Galloway is the mastermind behind A Day In The Life Photography. She has a lengthy background in photography and her photos really speak for themselves. If that were not enough, her website is first in Google when searching for Medicine Hat Photography websites, which speaks volumes.

Taylor and me in Echo Dale. Photo by Jenn Galloway.

Taylor and I had photos taken by Jenn in early August at the Echo Dale Farm. She had initially asked us what we wanted to do, and we replied to let her do her thing. She lead us around the farm, taking photos on the veranda of the house, on a grassy knoll with the wind catching Taylor’s scarf and against the barn. We then went to the nearby beach and pond, taking photos on the sand, on the small bridge and in the wooded area, on a merry-go-round and teeter totter, and on the docks. All in all, Jenn switched out between her 8GB memory cards a few times, and took a crazy amount of photos – probably around 2000 or something.

The way she gets into the moment with taking photos sets her apart from other photographers that I have seen. She talks to the audience and makes them laugh effortlessly (good for people who cannot sincerely fake-smile like me), walks around and acts on a sudden epiphany, and becomes even more enthusiastic, and she interacts with the audience about what they may want.

Taylor and I unfortunately had to reschedule twice due to weather concerns, but it was definitely worth the wait to be outside; however, A Day In The Life Photography also has a studio located in downtown Medicine Hat for a more controlled atmosphere.

Visit Jenn’s website at

Echo Dale is a recreational park located about 15-20 minutes outside Medicine Hat that entertains thousands of people each summer. The park sports a large outdoor swimming hole that neighbours both a pond and the South Saskatchewan River, as well as a farm that, during summer, offers tours and a petting zoo. There is a walking and biking path runs around the swimming hole, pond, farm and leads out of Echo Dale to a starting point located at the Gas City Campground.

The swimming hole is surrounded half by a sandy beach and half by grass with Volleyball nets located near the shore and a few picnic tables. The Ajax Building offers food, drink, changerooms, washroom services and is located near the parking lot.

The nearby pond has paddleboats for rent, many picnic tables and barbecue pits, and fish for fishing.

The Echo Dale Farm is a restored farm that acts as a reflection into what rural life was like in the 1900’s. There is a farm house, a barn, blacksmith shop, a mine, and animals that are kept there during the summer. More information about the farm can be found on the Echo Dale Farm Society website. The website is no longer operational.

Echo Dale can be located by heading down Highway #3 towards Lethbridge and taking a right by the Spitz sunflower seed factory, then just follow the signs. It is definitely the place to head if you are looking for some fun in the sun.



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