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2011 Downtown Parade

There’s only half an hour left before the parade starts downtown to officially kick off the start of the 2011 Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede. In a press release that was sent out earlier this month, it was mentioned that the normal route would change due to road construction. You should go enjoy the festivities If you are lucky enough to have today off, or are employed by somebody that will let you go a long with the 10,000 others that attend every year. From the press release concerning the route change:

The Parade route will follow 1st street westbound to 6th avenue, then a left turn on to 6th avenue, a left turn onto second street, a right turn onto South Railway, a right turn onto 3rd street all the way to 4th Avenue and then right towards the Medicine Hat Public Library where the Parade will disperse. Parade floats, vehicles can then use River Road to get back to the set up areas if needed.

Read more on the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede website.

View the Brochure .PDF

View the Route .PDF

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