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Downtown Redevelopment Plan

Downtown Growth, Development
Policy Direction Framework, Strategies Set

This week City Council unanimously adopted the Downtown Redevelopment Plan, a conceptual development framework for growth over the next 20-30 years. It will also serve as a foundation for the development of Phase Two which is the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan that will provide detailed regulations and guidelines for development.

The Downtown Redevelopment Plan was identified as a Council priority and is the result of an extensive collaborative effort. In July 2008, Planning Services began the process by engaging city departments, City Centre Development Agency (CCDA) and other community stakeholders in an interactive and dynamic manner including preliminary information gathering/analysis, and a four day design Charrette that included a workshop and a public open house.

“This is a milestone for the city of Medicine Hat because the Downtown has never had a formal Plan to help direct its future development,” says Jeanie Gartly, Superintendent of Planning Services. “There appears to be broad support and anticipation for the implementation of the Plan while conserving the unique historical character of the Downtown.”

The Downtown Redevelopment Plan boundary is defined as the area from Maple Avenue SE to the east and Third Avenue SE to the west. The area is bound on the north by the South Saskatchewan River and Fifth Street SE to the south.

This begins the implementation of specific actions, endorsed by Council, which will involve CCDA, businesses and residents in and around the Downtown”, says Gartly. “We are looking forward to the active involvement and support of the greater Medicine Hat community in achieving the vision in a timely manner.”

A copy of the Downtown Redevelopment Plan is located on the home page of the City website at; under Feature Content.

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