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JoHnNy DoN’t @ the Ottoman Lounge

JoHnNy DoN’t will be playing the Ottoman Lounge Friday, April 16th at 9PM, $5 at the door. The Saskatoon-based band has been recently touring to promote their latest released debut CD, entitled, “THE FULL CITY”.

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There is no real true way to describe the music that is JoHnNy DoN’t. With such a wide spectrum of influences you could say that they play anything and everything that is entertainment, and with each song comes a new surprise and a an irresistible hook that commands your attention. With their high energy performance and comedic banter JoHnNy DoN’t never leaves a crowd disappointed… maybe slightly offended, but never disappointed.

Often described as one of Canada’s greatest up-and-coming acts, Johnny Don’t is a refreshing new band with an extraordinary talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of music that is as unique as it is familiar. Together, Mike Colli, Graham Templeman and Dave Postnikoff have created a musical repertoire that simply can’t be ignored. With their well crafted sense for lyric and their infectious melodies it is very easy to find a Johnny Don’t song stuck in your head for most of the week.

On April 1st 2010, Johnny Don’t will be unveiling their debut CD “THE FULL CITY”. An album that brilliantly captures the eccentricities of this band. With each new song comes a different genre, all stacked with irresistible hooks that command your attention. ” We’ve never been able to stick to one style of music, and why should we? We pretty much listen to everything under the sun so that tends to show up in the writing. This way there’s a little something for everyone.

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