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Stone Iris at The Ottoman Lounge

Stone Iris Stone Iris will be playing the Ottoman Lounge Tuesday (tomorrow), May 18th at 9PM with a $5 cover. Stone Iris are from Edmonton and play a mix of rock, funk and psychedelic music.

It takes more than a basic passion to craft tugging melodies, living lyrics and fuel a thunderous magnetic groove. Due to a deep seated devotion to music Stone Iris strives to do just this. Stone Iris are honing their skills and musicianship and have worked tirelessly on exploiting their own personal, unique attributes to nurture a sound that is organically crafted and undeniably authentic. Building on musical backgrounds drenched in blues, metal, rock, pop, rap and funk, Stone Iris has tapped into a vein that employs intriguing elements from a diverse range of genres. “Our sound is a representation of us being victorious- rising above the norm, doing it our way… There are very few things that feel as good as being really into a song. It’s something like magic, not a substance or a drug… it’s so powerful, ” says El Niven the oldest member of the band. Big without being overbearing, intelligent without undue complexity, Stone Iris’s songs possess a strong melodic and rhythmic content that reflect the bands willingness to delve into life’s full palette of emotions.

Live performance of “Solaire”

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