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Not that it is really Medicine Hat-based, but the other day, on November 22, 2008, YouTube broadcast it’s first and hopefully annual event called YouTube Live. Although, in a way, since it is on the Internet, it is like it is actually in Medicine Hat, if not everywhere at once.

YouTube Live was broadcast live from San Fransisco and featured about three and a half hours of live show coverage as well as backstage cameras and audience cameras. The event was highly geared towards Internet phenomena from all around the world who had “made it big” using YouTube’s services. People and acts from all over joined in San Fransisco to participate. The most amazing part to me was the fact that I knew about probably 80% of the acts and people and who they were and what they did to gain fame, and to see them all come together was wonderful.

The acts included performances by Joe Satriani with FunTwo, Mythbusters, Fred, Katy Perry, Chad Vader, The Spinto Band, and much more.

Check for more information and videos of the show.

And of course, check for a bunch of videos that students in Visual Communications at the Medicine Hat College have created.

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