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MESEUM-Poster-03Medicine Hat College has put the ME in museum with this year’s Visual Communications grad show. Visual Communications Instructor, Poul Nielsen explains, “This year’s exhibition, MESEUM, is centered on the individual student and its theme is simply, ME. I believe that it is essential that each student / artist enter into the mystery of their own existence and unique identity.“

MESEUM is an art and design exhibition showcasing the work of 21 graduating students from Visual Communications program at Medicine Hat College. On display April 13 to 25, 2013 with the opening reception on April 13 beginning at 7 p.m. Opening night will give you attendees the opportunity to speak with the artists and designers about their current work. Live performances and refreshments will be included in the evenings events.

Graduating students have recently wrapped their first community campaign, “Pop Up Portrait Studio”. Students volunteered to attend local events with a large gold frame and photographer to provide free portraits. All portrait participants will be displayed in a photo installation as part of the art and design exhibition, MESEUM.

MESEUM will be launching its “Frame Me” campaign the first week of April. Visit for more information about exhibitors and to follow and participate in our events.

Reception starts on Saturday, April 13 at 7PM.
Show open daily from April 14 to April 25.

Centennial Hall
Medicine Hat College
299 College Drive SE
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Another Visual Communications graduation show is upon us! As is the tradition, every year the Visual Communications students throw and end-of-the-year celebration and exhibition to showcase their talent and work. This year’s graduation show, entitled Collect, looks to be very diverse in the work presented and seems to range between all forms of media; from digital, to mixed media, to paintings and drawings, to photography, and much more.

Some of the graduates may already be familiar faces around Medicine Hat, such as Social Threat’s lead singer Kyle Hodgman who has created some cool punk rock designs, Or Gerrit Kat who is a local photographer and the creator of Ginger Kid Studios.

It’s nice to see every year that websites and social media are becoming more popular choices for advertising and sending out invites to the graduation shows. This year the students are advertising their work through Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo. In addition, many graduates have even taken an additional step and created their own websites so they will continue to have a web presence long after the show has run its course.

The show opens the night of April 14th at 7PM and students will be on hand to showcase their work and portfolios and will be available for questions and comments. The show will continue to run until the 22nd. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided followed by an after show party.

More information can be found at the official website:

Artisan Pottery Studio - Downtown Medicine HatThe Clay Trade will have its official Grand Opening during the Dowtown Artwalk. The night will include refreshments from Big Rock Breweries, treats and live music by Ron Mason.

We will feature works by local artists and artists in residence from Medalta.

Some of the artist’s include:

Les Manning, Jane MacKay, Hedy Stabler, Koi Neng Liew….

When: Friday June 10th 7 PM – 10 PM

Where: 628 2nd Street SE

Visit for more information or call 403-529-9109

Follow us on twitter (@clay_trade) and on Facebook

Down Right Crafty - Indie Craft Fair

Saturday, August 28th – 10am to 4pm – BATUS Park
(downtown on the corner of the 500 block of 2nd Street SE)

This is not your mama’s craft show, we’ve got unique items you wouldn’t find at most traditional craft shows. Featuring the handmade wares of crafters from Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Calgary and surrounding area. You’ll find amazing jewelry, clothing, plush items, handmade beauty products, accessories, fine art and more!

There will be a Kids Craft Corner and free lemonade, so bring the whole family and end your summer on a high note!

For more information or to book a table visit

The Esplanade Education program just announced it is offering another group of art classes for children beginning in the New Year. Children who attend the Winter Art Sessions are given the chance to develop their artistic talent, explore a variety of different art techniques and have fun.

“Along with our regular programming, part of our commitment to meeting the needs of our community is to expose preschool and school-aged children to relevant, fun and practical art and cultural classes,” says Neil Sarjeant-Jenkins, Education Coordinator at the Esplanade.

There are three separate classes for different age groups:

  • Preschool session for children 3-5 years on Wednesday afternoons from 1 2 p.m.
  • First session on Saturdays for children 6-8 years from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Second session on Saturdays for children 9-12 years from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Registration fees include all materials. Some materials used in the classroom could stain clothing, so students should wear old clothes or bring an apron or paint shirt.

In the Esplanauts Preschool classes, children will have fun playing, exploring their imaginations and creating a variety of art projects. Using story-time, music and the artwork in the Esplanade Art Gallery as inspiration, instructor Stephanie Dalla-Longa will lead the students through their art projects. They will begin to learn about colour, how to paint, sculpt with clay, make prints and draw with a different focus each week.

The school-aged Esplanauts classes will be based in our Discovery Centre and, drawing inspiration from the Esplanade galleries and our environment, instructor Candice Arnold will guide students in their exploration of drawing and sculpting techniques such as contour and shading. Esplanauts engage in a variety of projects during the eight week long session, including: drawing, painting with acrylic and watercolours, printmaking with the etching press as well as clay sculpting.

Winter Art Classes begin Jan. 13. Registration begins Jan. 2, 2010 for Children’s Winter Art Classes and registrations are accepted in person at the Esplanade Information Desk, or by phone with a Visa or MasterCard by calling 403.502.8793.

No Audience

No Audience

Quick introduction… My name is Justin Quinton, I have lived in the Hat almost 6 years, originally from Newfoundland (although my accent has all but been repressed) and I have been digging through this city since day one to find a ‘scene’. Any scene. Music, art, theatre… even a pretentious artsy group that won’t give me the time of day. This has led me to discover two things; Yes there is enormous amounts of talent here! And no, not a lot of people care.

I know within this blog I’m probably speaking directly to the people that do care. And you probably already believe that media deserves more recognition in southern Alberta. What I came up with over a year ago is a concept for an arts magazine. I spent a weekend brainstorming and planning and left it at that. About a week ago while surfing I stumbled upon Medicine Hat Media and seen that it was reflecting a lot of the ideas that I wanted to do with the magazine. Instantly my spark renewed and I wanted to put forth a concept for a magazine I call “No Audience”. It’s about art, music, and life here in Southern Alberta and to bring forward the best works of our local artists in a professional glossy magazine.

I myself am a musician, photographer and ‘graphic design dabbler’ here in the city. I don’t claim to be the best nor do I do any of those things for profit (I have another job, 3 kids and a mortgage). What would be really cool is if the right people see this, want to work on it, want to contribute, take it to where it needs to go, and be a showcase for all too see our local talents… to create a scene!

Thanks for your time. This is the cover I designed to spark interest in the project. The model is a local girl named Robyn Homans and I did the photography.

Please first view our news post about Lost & Found.

In brief: the Medicine Hat College’s Visual Communications grad show will be held tonight starting at 7PM. There will be a variety items in the exhibition including art, design, furniture, video, photography and more. There will be entertainment, food, and most likely some alcohol beverages. It will be held in the main Medicine Hat College entrance – it will be hard to miss.

Lost & Found Mailouts - Photo via Flickr

Lost & Found Mailouts - Photo via Flickr

Lost & Found - Image from

Lost & Found - Image from

Download the official press release kit (PDF – 4.89MB)

Visual Communications Students gear up for Lost & Found Art Exhibition April 3-12th, 2009 at Medicine Hat College. Every year the graduating students from the Visual Communications Program put on an end-of-the-year exhibition to showcase their work and the skill gained from the previous three years.

Lost & Found is the name of this year’s final exhibition. The students have chosen to have a “green” theme this year and are looking to recycle many materials used during the duration of the exhibition, including all the cardboard and corrugated board, which is used as decoration throughout the show.

“We are getting recycled cardboard and are planning to reuse it afterwards,” said student, Tobie Laliberte. “I just love working with the cardboard, with its natural look and flexibility.”

Lost & Found Promotional Boxes - Photo via Flickr (link below)

Lost & Found Promotional Boxes - Photo via Flickr

This year’s show will feature a wide variety of mediums including painting, graphic design, furniture design, illustration, video and photography. Each student is responsible for their own work to put into the show, along with the preparation involved in hosting their exhibition.

“Every student produces their own original work for the show,” explains Laliberte, “along with helping plan, promote and prepare for the event itself. The class is split into different committees and the work is divided amongst themselves.”

The Lost and Found Exhibition will take place April 3rd – 12th in the front corridor at Medicine Hat College. Attendance is free.

Check out the Lost & Found Grad Show’s Photostream on Flickr

More information can be found at the official website:

Thread pulled from

Just a reminder, the reception for Whole Being starts at 8PM on Thursday, January 22 at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre. Most of the Visual Communications staff will have entries in, and being seasoned artists in their prime, you can expect a good show.

Admission is free, there also will undoubtedly be some free foods and drinks for all who attend.

Whole Being Artists - Image found at

Whole Being Artists - Image found at

Original Whole Being Post

Mount Royal (or Mt. Royal) is a born and bread Medicine Hat-based band.

Image courtesy of Mt. Royal's MySpace

Image courtesy of Mt. Royal

The band operates primarily as a quintet, consisting of brothers Robert and Thomas DiNinno, Steve Lind, Ryan Goehring and Dustin Desharnais, but it is not unusual for other members and friends to drift in and out casually, most notably Mike Wallace and Nicole Brunel.

Mount Royal was initially conceived in the early 2000’s, starting out as a high school band by The DiNinno brothers. Since then, they have received much success mainly in the Medicine Hat area and most often play at The Ottoman Lounge. They often attract the majority of the student population of the Medicine Hat Visual Communications cousre to their shows, as The DiNinno brothers both participated in the course. Over the past two summers, Mount Royal has done two cross-Canada tours and in going between the east and west coast, have befriended many musicians along the way, always to return with open arms to their fans in Medicine Hat.

You can easily find out if Mount Royal is playing a show simply by looking around Medicine Hat for the craziest band posters. Extreme colour usages, crazy illustrations and fighting robots are among their intriguing way of advertising shows.

Mount Royal at The Ottoman Lounge

Mount Royal at The Ottoman Lounge

At shows, it is not unusual to see the crowd get into their music, or conversely, to see random people who have not witnessed them before have an awkward look on their face, not being sure what to make of the unique style of music. Such a response, I am sure, would make Mount Royal all the more happier with their performance. As The DiNinno brothers are from the Medicine Hat Visual Communications course, that makes them especially crazy, if not often times labeled as “those crazy art guys”, which so many of us art graduates become known as.

With two cross-Canada tours under their belts, Mount Royal continues to rock the Medicine Hat and lower Alberta music scenes. Shows are relatively inexpensive, usually it is about $5 per person to enter, which gets you access to seeing usually 2-4 bands. Think about it! You can either go to a two hour movie for $10 per person, or for $5 per person, you can witness live creativity in front of your eyes. Check out their MySpace for show times.

Exclusive Medicine Hat Media Download:

Mount Royal – Untitled Song



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