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On Monday July 15, at 7 PM, on the Esplanade Terrace, the Esplanade Museum is having a reception to open an exhibit, to celebrate a recent recognition and to celebrate its 62nd anniversary.


Photographs by William Gottlieb (1917-2006)

The Esplanade Museum is pleased to present PORTRAITS FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF JAZZ: Photographs by William Gottlieb, a fascinating exhibition of approximately seventy-five photographs on display through August 24 in the Heritage Gallery.

During the 1930s and 1940s, William Gottlieb photographed the contemporary jazz scene to illustrate his columns in The Washington PostDown Beat magazine, and other publications.  The photographic negatives were stored for more than thirty years until Gottlieb’s retirement in 1979, when he began printing the negatives.  The rest, literally, became history.  Gottlieb is now one of the most honored jazz photographers.
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“Ghosts of Historic Medicine Hat” Photography Show Fall 2011 at Medalta 5th Annual Exhibition

Ghosts of Historic Medicine HatGhosts to Make An Appearance
Local sponsorship supports local talent

After being re-scheduled, the Medicine Hat Photography Club is excited to celebrate the opening of its 5th Annual Exhibition on Saturday, November 19th, 2011. Entitled “Ghosts of Historic Medicine Hat”, the exhibit steps back in time to showcase the vast history of Medicine Hat, captured through the “passionate camera eyes” of club members. Join club members (and ghosts) for the official ‘Show Reception’ between 7-9pm in the beautifully renovated gallery of the Medalta Potteries National Historic Site.

Support from local business makes it possible, once again, to shine the spotlight on Medicine Hat’s local talent. The support of sponsors such as Medalta, Heredity Homes, London Drugs, Tidy Truck Boxliners and Boylan Imaging plays an integral part in bringing this exhibition to the community.

In excess of 40 submissions are expected this year, the theme for which is a result of collaboration between the Medalta Gallery Committee and club members. With a theme as rich in possibilities as Medicine Hat is in history, club members are sure to demonstrate their talents through a diverse collection of works.

Photography Club President, Tye Carnelli, describes the upcoming show “as the culmination of a year-long personal photographic journey unveiling people, places and ideas that for many are now only memories and historical remnants and suggestions… A challenge that each [photographer] has answered eloquently…”
The free exhibit will be on display from 14 November through until 16 December.

The Medicine Hat Photography Club meets the second Thursday of each month at the Cultural Center, beginning at 7pm. They are the voice of photography within the community, exploring the limits of today’s technology and technique, helping understand the jargon and getting down to the essentials of it all, “making photographs.” The group is active through exhibitions, seminars, field trips, photo contests, and meetings that are always informative, exciting, and inspirational.

Medicine Hat Photography Club PosterThe Medicine Hat Photography Club is presenting “The Road Less Taken”, a gallery showing of photography from club members, taking place at the Medalta. The full show is running from July 5th through until the 30th, but the gala opening is taking place tonight (July 6th) at 7PM.

There will be snacks, drinks and a live performance by Poet Lark. A table will be set up with a guest book and a chance to win a print of your choice.

If you don’t know, the Medalta is located at 713 Medalta Avenue SE and the work will be shown in the Medalta Squared Gallery.

‘Hatters now have a chance to be featured in our annual community report card, the 2010 Vital Signs.

The report, which will be released on October 5, 2010, features graded indicators to give the community an indication on quality of life in Medicine Hat. The full colour feature will have several categories, which may include: youth; gap between rich and poor; safety; health; learning, housing; getting started; arts, culture and recreation; environment; work; belonging and leadership; getting around; and economy.

Local photographers are asked to submit any photographs that may fit in to such categories. Photographers chosen will be recognized in the publication’s credits. Subjects of the photos are asked to sign a waiver form prior to publication.

Photographs should be less than seven megabytes and can be emailed to or dropped off at the Community Foundation office: room 104, 430-6th Ave. SE. Deadline is July 31, 2010.

Please be aware that only a limited number of photographs will be chosen, but we thank you for all submissions.

Last year’s report can be viewed through the Foundation’s website at For more information, please call (403) 527-9038, email or join the Community Foundation’s Facebook group.

Image Pot Homepage Screenshot

Image Pot Homepage Screenshot

Recently launched, Medicine Hat’s Image Pot is a new and unique website focusing on local photography presented in a unique format on the web. The website uses a very unique and cool WordPress theme for showcasing imagery in a different/less-standard way which really looks great for the photography. A nice touch is also the previous/next arrows to move throughout the site easily.

The website was created and is managed by Larry Switzer, a local photographer/designer himself. Most of the current work on the site is Larry’s, but he is open and willing to post anything, anybody would like to share on the site as well. A bit more about the site:

Medicine Hat’s Image Pot is about photographers and their pictures. Our aim is to showcase these fascinating people and their work. We want you to be able to view the world as they see it. As well one of our goals is to showcase Southern Alberta and it’s treasures. This is going to be the place to come to see firsthand all this enchanting landscape has to offer. We hope you enjoy the site and encourage you tell your friends, family and co-workers about us.

Medicine Hat’s Image Pot

Many artists begin showing an interest in art as very young children: Roberta Murray is no different. In fact, her mother wrote in her baby book, “very artistically able from the age of two”. This Calgary born photographer recently joined the Alberta Society of Artists, and has photographs on display in galleries worldwide.

Roberta Murray

Roberta completed the New York Institute of Photography’s certificate program in 1990, but sold all of her photography equipment shortly after to shift her focus to textiles. After fourteen years of textile work Roberta returned to photography at first to document her textile work, and later as a form of meditation. Fortunately for all of us, this long break from photography led Roberta to discover new ways to think about colour and detail, and resulted in the impressionistic pictorialist style she is known for today.

The photography of this Rocky Mountain House Resident is truly striking, almost having a closer resemblance to paintings than photos. I strongly encourage everyone to take a good look at her portfolio to take in this very unique style.

Roberta Murray’s Website
Uncommon Depth

No Audience

No Audience

Quick introduction… My name is Justin Quinton, I have lived in the Hat almost 6 years, originally from Newfoundland (although my accent has all but been repressed) and I have been digging through this city since day one to find a ‘scene’. Any scene. Music, art, theatre… even a pretentious artsy group that won’t give me the time of day. This has led me to discover two things; Yes there is enormous amounts of talent here! And no, not a lot of people care.

I know within this blog I’m probably speaking directly to the people that do care. And you probably already believe that media deserves more recognition in southern Alberta. What I came up with over a year ago is a concept for an arts magazine. I spent a weekend brainstorming and planning and left it at that. About a week ago while surfing I stumbled upon Medicine Hat Media and seen that it was reflecting a lot of the ideas that I wanted to do with the magazine. Instantly my spark renewed and I wanted to put forth a concept for a magazine I call “No Audience”. It’s about art, music, and life here in Southern Alberta and to bring forward the best works of our local artists in a professional glossy magazine.

I myself am a musician, photographer and ‘graphic design dabbler’ here in the city. I don’t claim to be the best nor do I do any of those things for profit (I have another job, 3 kids and a mortgage). What would be really cool is if the right people see this, want to work on it, want to contribute, take it to where it needs to go, and be a showcase for all too see our local talents… to create a scene!

Thanks for your time. This is the cover I designed to spark interest in the project. The model is a local girl named Robyn Homans and I did the photography.

Jenn Galloway is the mastermind behind A Day In The Life Photography. She has a lengthy background in photography and her photos really speak for themselves. If that were not enough, her website is first in Google when searching for Medicine Hat Photography websites, which speaks volumes.

Taylor and me in Echo Dale. Photo by Jenn Galloway.

Taylor and I had photos taken by Jenn in early August at the Echo Dale Farm. She had initially asked us what we wanted to do, and we replied to let her do her thing. She lead us around the farm, taking photos on the veranda of the house, on a grassy knoll with the wind catching Taylor’s scarf and against the barn. We then went to the nearby beach and pond, taking photos on the sand, on the small bridge and in the wooded area, on a merry-go-round and teeter totter, and on the docks. All in all, Jenn switched out between her 8GB memory cards a few times, and took a crazy amount of photos – probably around 2000 or something.

The way she gets into the moment with taking photos sets her apart from other photographers that I have seen. She talks to the audience and makes them laugh effortlessly (good for people who cannot sincerely fake-smile like me), walks around and acts on a sudden epiphany, and becomes even more enthusiastic, and she interacts with the audience about what they may want.

Taylor and I unfortunately had to reschedule twice due to weather concerns, but it was definitely worth the wait to be outside; however, A Day In The Life Photography also has a studio located in downtown Medicine Hat for a more controlled atmosphere.

Visit Jenn’s website at

Contrast is an upcoming photography exhibition brought to you by the Medicine Hat Photography Club. The exhibition will be in the Medalta Squared Gallery which is located inside the Medalta Clay Museum building (713 Medalta Ave SE). The opening reception will take place on Tuesday, May 19th from 7:00PM-9:00PM; however, the photography will be up until June 30th.

Contrast Invite/Poster

Contrast Invite/Poster

All the information I received is from a poster I seen and from the website invite. Judging by the name of the show, there will be a lot of “Contrast” going on in the subject matter of the photography. I will keep this post updated with any new information and images if they arrive.

Medicine Hat Photography Club Website
Facebook Event

Please first view our news post about Lost & Found.

In brief: the Medicine Hat College’s Visual Communications grad show will be held tonight starting at 7PM. There will be a variety items in the exhibition including art, design, furniture, video, photography and more. There will be entertainment, food, and most likely some alcohol beverages. It will be held in the main Medicine Hat College entrance – it will be hard to miss.

Lost & Found Mailouts - Photo via Flickr

Lost & Found Mailouts - Photo via Flickr



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