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City Releases 2009 Annual Report

The City of Medicine Hat released its 2009 Annual Report today. Download it directly in PDF form.

The Annual Report covers activities from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2009. The City produced a separate Financial Report, which was also presented to Council today.

“We hope to build on our many successes in 2009 when Medicine Hat prospered and the community was able to witness some great opportunities for their city,” Mayor Norm Boucher stated in his Mayor’s Report. “The Ernst & Young report, Medicine Hat Advantage, Finlay Bridge rehabilitation, solid waste collection program and the Downtown Redevelopment Plan are just a few of those highlights. As always, we will continue to focus on the needs of our citizens.”
Additionally, City Council’s priorities for 2009 were:

  • Invest in renewable energy
  • Restructure responsibilities for the Energy and Tax Supported Operations
  • Conduct an external review of the Energy Division
  • Ensure sound Recruiting Policy, Retention Policy and Staff Development Policy
  • Move forward with an effective Transit system and New Event Centre
  • Increase focus on more block land sales for Land and Properties
  • Enhance communication with developers
  • Establish a sound vision for downtown
  • Improved airport development plan
  • Complete an Intermunicipal Development Plan
  • Establish a water management plan
  • Develop a comprehensive waste management plan
  • Reduce pollutants / emissions
  • Move forward with smart and environmentally friendly growth
  • Increase bike lanes
  • Ensure sustainable parks and trails

“As we move forward, we continue to place emphasis on planning for current and future needs of residents, businesses and our own organization,” says Ray Barnard, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipal Services. “Topics and issues such as affordable housing, emergency services, responsible animal-care bylaws, water usage from the South Saskatchewan River, Municipal Redevelopment Plans (MDP) and Inter-municipal Development Plans (IDP) will continue to dominate our agendas for the next few years.”

“The Energy Division continued to focus on delivering quality service at low rates for the consumer and, for Hatters who own the Energy Utilities, a $42 million cash dividend to help pay for municipal services,” says Gerry Labas, Chief Operating Officer, Energy Services.

In 2009, the Energy Division (Gas and Electric) generated $22.5 million in net income, assets increased $27.7 million (to $901 million) with cash reserves standing at $236.6 million. These results enabled the Energy Division to pay a dividend of $42.8 million, including $2 million from it subsidiary company Allied Oil & Gas, in support of City property taxes ($24.5 million), energy conservation incentive programs ($1million) and a contribution to the community capital fund ($17.3 million).

“Energy Division staff work hard to contribute to the quality of life in Medicine Hat and that is what makes our Medicine Hat Advantage unique,” added Labas.

The 2009 Annual Report is available on the City’s website or from the City Clerk Office at City Hall.

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