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Art Exposure 11: Joan Bailey

Joan Bailey - Image from ArtistsinCanada

Joan Bailey - Image from ArtistsinCanada

Alberta artist Joan Bailey boasts an almost entirely self-directed art education, and as a result she has skillfully created a very diverse collection of art using paint, wax, and metal. Because of the variety in her art her online portfolio is much more interesting to peruse than many of the artists I investigated for this edition of  Art Exposure. Bailey claims to thrive on exploring the patterns and mysteries of life through the use of stark contrast in her art, which was very apparent as I explored the works on her website.

The reason I chose to feature Joan this week is because of the variety in her work. Although I am by no means knowledgeable about art, I have noticed that many artists tend to specialize in one form of art (even if they do explore a variety of mediums as well). She doesn’t appear to focus on any one form of creation more than any other, which pretty much made her perfect for Art Exposure, in my opinion.

Joan has an email provided on her website for those who are curious about pricing or other aspects of her work.

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  1. February 18th, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Kyle says:

    I saw her Encaustic Paintings a short while back and they are absolutely livid. It was a short while back when i saw them but I am glad you did this post because i completely forgot her name and was unable to find her paintings…

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