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Googling The Hat

The Google Car was recently spotted in town, cruising up and down the streets to take street level photos all along the way. This seems kind of weird, because Calgary has not even been photographed. So maybe it was for some other Google Map purpose. Who knows!

For those unaware, Google Maps offers a “Street View” service (if offered to the city you are browsing), which allows you to virtually stand and walk down a street. Google Street View allows you to navigate around cities effortless with the click of your mouse. This is particularly helpful if you are planning out a trip and want to check out some recognizable landmarks on the path you will be taking.

Sometimes the Google Cars take noteworthy images. In one case, a friend of mine online was driving by the Google Car in Salt Lake City, and had photos of his car taken twice as it drove by. In another case, a Google Car hit a deer.

More Google Car info @ Wikipedia

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  1. September 13th, 2009 at 7:19 PM

    Hatter says:

    Friends saw the google street view car in Calgary several months ago – maybe it just hasn’t been uploaded yet for some reason.

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