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This is a review of the Walmart-based salon Regal Nails that I stumbled upon during one of my frequent Facebook explorations written by Darcey Swennumson:

On Saturday, March 5, at approximately 5:00pm, I went to Regal Nails to have my eyebrows waxed.  It was my first time using any type of service in this salon.

The technician who waxed my brows completely disregarded my instructions on how I wanted my brows waxed.  Partway through the waxing, I confirmed my instructions, and at that point she still disregarded them.

During the waxing, she also dropped a glob of hot wax on the inner corner of my eye.  She tried for a moment to remove the wax, then simply advised me, “It will come off in the shower.”  For the record, it didn’t.  I still have wax on my eyelashes, and both the lid and undereye area are raw and slightly swollen.

When the waxing was complete, and I went to the counter to pay, their debit machine was not working.  They advised me to use the ATM machine located within Walmart.  I pointed out that that machine charges a fee on top of my bank’s fee to withdraw money, but they did not care.

I then went to use the ATM to withdraw money, and noticed an “Out of Order” sign on it.  When I returned to the salon and advised them of this, they asked me to make a purchase in Walmart and take out extra money at the till to pay for my waxing.

I found all of this to be extremely disappointing, not to mention a big inconvenience and very unprofessional.  However, I did as requested and then returned with cash in hand.

At that point I asked to speak with the manager of the salon.  I explained that it was my first visit, and would be my last.  He asked why, so I started to explain my reasons, based on the above.

He interrupted me partway through, and demanded payment for the eyebrow waxing, going so far as to reach for the money in my hand.

At that point I advised him that I would be telling everyone I know about my experience that day, and his response was, “There are 65000 people in Medicine Hat.  Go ahead.”  He then collected payment for the brow waxing, and I left.  During this encounter, the technician who waxed my brows was standing beside the manager, smirking and trying not to laugh.

I can honestly say that this is the worst treatment I have ever received at any place, at any time.  I would hate for anyone else to go through anything like this, so I’m trying to let everyone know not to use this place for any type of service!

I’m not gonna lie, either — his invitation for me to “go ahead” and tell everyone about what happened makes me determined to get the word out to as many people as I can, so go ahead and pass this on to everyone you know.



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