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Definitely, my favourite part about Rossco’s Pub is the daily lunch specials. More on that later, but for now, what’s different about Rossco’s Pub? Well, for the sake of this review, I will mostly be talking about the food itself. Even though I’ve drank there several times – it’s more or less the same as any random pub/bar in town with a couple unique specials thrown in for good measure. A pub is normally defined by it’s atmosphere and food. The atmosphere leaves a lot of be desired, but the food is good. For some reason, I’m drawn to pub food even if I am not drinking and that applies to Rossco’s as well. Take what you want from that, but as some of you know, I’ve already already admitted to liking “unhealthy” food, “the more grease the better” half-jokingly of course, in my Buffet Medicine Hat review.

I’ve eaten quite a bit off the menu, from burgers, platters of special fries, joe joe’s, dry ribs, wings, sandwiches – and every time it’s been pretty good. Lately, well less lately in the present, I used to stop in at least once a week for their lunch special. It’s an ever changing soup and sandwhich combo. My favourite was a tomato vegetable style soup with a pulled beef sandwich, or maybe the chicken noodle soup with the mini-pizza sandwhich. It’s pretty varied too. There was even borscht once! My new favourite has to be the new “Chicken Bites” which is a boneless-alternative to wings with any wing sauce you want!

They have recently (as of a couple months ago) changed their menu and some of the menu items as well. There’s lots new to check-out and try.



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