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I didn’t know what to think when I went to Mucho Burrito for the first time. You mean there’s rice in a burrito traditionally? What? Wait? Where’s the ground beef? It’s pulled steak meat instead? Hmm…

The overall feeling of the restaurant is more of a “authentic” Mexican meal. The things you would normally expect from a fast food taco/burrito joint you will not find here, including Mexi fries – those are replaced with nachos. Right now, Mucho Burrito and El Taco Loco are the only two places like this in Medicine Hat (that I know of). The ordering counter works on a Subway-esque like system where you get to choose all the toppings you desire. There’s a variety of sizes of burritos including Pequeño (10″), Medio (12″) or Mucho XL. I have got the Medio each time and left pretty full every time – I don’t think I could ever finish a Mucho XL. There’s tons of other choices though including quesadillas, tacos, salad/taco bowls, and more. Most choices are grill-pressed which adds that nice little touch of compactness while in your hands and fingers.

The last time I went, I tried the new “Smother” option on my burrito. The burrito is dressed with Mucho southwest tomato sauce, topped with cheese and sour cream or Burrito sauce. You need to eat this thing with a fork… it’s pretty messy but definitely a good choice. Each time I’ve went the taste and flavor has been getting better and better because I have refined my options and choices each time to make the perfect burrito that I like. For example, I first went with cilantro (minty) and some beans (pasty) but found I don’t like those flavors combined. Overall, it’s a good, different, experience and look forward to going there many times to come.

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Mucho Burrito

*UPDATE* September 8th – It is now confirmed that Mucho Burrito is open to the public once again.

*UPDATE* Just got an email reading: “I just reviewed your comments on line and do respect and appreciate. We will be reopened in a few short weeks. Looking forward to seeing you there again as a customer.” – Stephen Travers, President – Extreme Brandz Western Canada.

Looks like it is good news for all the fans, we might do an update when it re-opens. Otherwise, below is the original article:

Mucho Burrito has recently closed as of this weekend. A lot like East Side Mario’s closing earlier this month there is a lot of speculation and not a lot of information as to why. I only stopped in there once when it first opened because I was intrigued at the concept. Although I wasn’t completely sold on the variety of sides they had (for example, I was expecting mexi-fries rather than plain tortilla chips with salsa)  the rest of the food was good and I thoroughly enjoyed the homemade-style salsa. I believe I got both a chicken burrito and a beef burrito with the hottest salsa – and it definately was HOT.

Seemingly this place would of got a lot of business being so close to everything in the new developing area, but then again, East Side Mario’s was seemingly doing well as well. So what’s going on? Anybody with more information, feel free to comment or contact us.



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