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Medalta LogoWith another busy summer of artists putting in long hours in Medalta’s contemporary artists’ studios (and putting miles on those bikes so many of you generously donated to us), we want to make sure every artist who comes to Medalta has a comfortable place to sleep in Medicine Hat.

Although these artists do work very long hours in our studios, they actually do sleep. And although one of our studio couches make do as a spot for a quick nap, they really prefer a bed.

We keep a list of Medalta supporters who are willing to take in a visiting artist during their stay. Over time, that list has slowly shrunk as peoples’ lives have evolved.

Now, we want to add that list. If you have a spare room in your home and are interested in hosting a visiting artist, we would love to hear from you. If you decide to be a potential host, we will ask you how long you’re comfortable having one of these artists in your home (we have artists who come anywhere between one month and one year). We will make sure that whoever you welcome into your home is a good match for you.

These artists pay to stay with you and you set the rate. Given that these people have taken time away from their families, careers and home, we do suggest that you set a rate in line with the current market while making it something that both you and the artist are both comfortable with. Most of our current hosts charge between $400 & $500 per month for a room (while some simply ask the artist to pay what they’re able to pay). Again, it’s up to you.

They generally take care of their own meals (lots of meals are eaten at our studios with the other artists), laundry (we have laundry at Medalta), transportation, etc.

These arrangements provide more than just a bed – it’s a chance for you to become an ambassador for your community. These artists are generally unfamiliar with Medicine Hat (and in some cases,they’re even unfamiliar with Canada). You have the opportunity to make sure they have a positive experience. In return, you get to meaningfully connect with people from across North America and around the world. Although they’ll be busy in their studio, you will develop connections with them. Many friends have been made by local Hatters hosting artists and we are encouraging you to become involved.

To learn more about joining our accommodation list and providing a room for our future visiting artists, contact our Studio Manager, Noriko Masuda, at or phone 403.504.4653.

Thank you – we appreciate your help.

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