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While in the mall yesterday I noticed that a new restaurant will be joining our food court. But much to my dismay, upon closer investigation I discovered that this new addition will be yet another Tim Hortons. Why does Medicine Hat need another one? Isn’t having one in nearly every corner of the city enough? Will it ever be enough?

I think what bothered me most is as I saw the “coming soon” sign I realized that when the new Tim’s location is finished one can very easily see both the mall location and the Trans Canada Way location across the parking lot at the same time. I almost feel the need to remind everyone that we are not in New York City, this is not a place where Starbucks inhabits every corner of every street. With that being said, I believe this phenomena can be known as an epidemic.

Although I don’t drink coffee, I still enjoy the great value Tim’s has to offer. I will never understand the people waiting in a six car line at 8 in the morning but other than that I think Tim Hortons is great. However, I don’t think Medicine Hat needs one in the mall, or anywhere else. A new restaurant that is legitimately new to the city would be much more welcome in my eyes.

It has been a few weeks now since the new Super Walmart opened in Medicine Hat, but is it a welcome change?

As the new Super Walmart was opened, the pre-existing Walmart was closed. The new store boasts a  complete grocery section and many expanded departments such as electronics, clothing, home decor, and more. McDonalds and Tim Hortons restaurants are also included in the new Supercenter. The grand opening featured over $15,000 in donations to local charities and singing of the Canadian National Anthem before the ribbon was cut to officially open the store. One would think Walmart is a caring corporation and a welcome addition to Medicine Hat, but what do the citizens think? And how does Walmart maintain such low prices?

Walmart Logo. Image courtesy of Walmart.

Walmart Logo. Image courtesy of Walmart.

While overhearing many people at work discussing the new store, most people seemed to have mixed feelings about what the store had to offer, but mostly they all agreed on the same thing: that the store, overall, was a nuisance. It seems that it is too big for most people to relish shopping at (despite the new Canadian Tire and current Superstore being of a comparable size overall). The concrete floor is a main dislike for people. Lineups are another common criticism. Apparently, much of the time the Interact machines do not work, which are not depicted before entering the checkout lanes, resulting in people just leaving the groceries and the store.

The only good thing it seems is the parking issue. In the previous Walmart, to get out of the store, you would have to often times drive in front of the building doors, where many pedestrians emerged from before walking across the road to get to their vehicles. Now there is a more spacious parking lot and two entrances and exits between the main facade.

With’s title saying: “Save money. Live Better” and the yellow smiley face flying around television commercials knocking prices down, one might wonder: How do they get the prices so low?

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