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The Medicine Hat Community Celebration Committee is finalizing plans with the Vancouver Organizing Committee preparing for the arrival of the Olympic Torch.

The Torch Relay route for Medicine Hat on Saturday, January 16th begins at 16th Street S.W. at approximately 6:00 pm and arrives at the Saamis Teepee Site at 7:00 pm. An outstanding celebration will be held at this site from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm with Terri Clark being the featured entertainer.

The Torch Relay Route for Medicine Hat on Sunday, January 17th, begins at the Cypress Centre at 7:30 am and reaches the outskirts of Medicine Hat on the Trans-Canada Highway at approximately 8:47 am.

Olympic Torch Relay Routes #1 Olympic Torch Relay Routes #2

For further information please contact:
The Chair of the Medicine Hat Celebration Committee, Jeremy Thompson at 403-581-8098 or Project Manager, Frank Merkl at 403-502-8599.



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