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Cyclops Ring from Rapscallion Design

Cyclops Monster Ring from Rapscallion Design

For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is an on-line version of the local “arts and craft sale”. Think of eBay, but for handmade and hand-crafted items. It took awhile to get started in Medicine Hat, and even longer to get more than a couple people participating, but now there’s quite a few vendors locally.

There’s quite the range for Medicine Hat vendors too, anything from knitted caps, stuffed animals, plushies, weird and crazy jewelery (from Rapscallion Design), vintage clothing, greeting cards, original artwork, and more.

Etsy Medicine Hat

Tomorrow is the last day you will get to check out The Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede’s 11th Annual Christmas Market located in the Cypress Centre Pavilion and Auditorium. The market itself features things such as baking, jewelery, artwork, crafts, candies, clothing and much more. It’s focus is homemade and handcrafted items. You can kind of thing of it as a “Farmer’s Market” which is also hosted in the same place actually, except this is more geared towards the theme of Christmas and the holidays in general.

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

The 11th Annual Christmas Market runs Friday, November 14th from 12:00PM to 8:00PM and then Saturday, November 15th from 9:00AM to 6PM. Admission is $2, unless you are 12 and under, in which case it’s free. For more information call the Stampede Office at 403-527-1234 (that’s a pretty sweet number if I do say myself).

Christmas Market’s Official Page



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