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Medicine Hat Forums (MedHatForums) is a mostly overlooked community based website with tons of information and news run by Travis Owen (aka triv). I also mentioned it previously in my community based website post. Travis posts lots of announcements based on happenings and news in the city, sometimes a lot more than we do. So, overall it becomes a good tool for locals and an alternate resource for news within the city.

Medicine Hat Forums Header

Medicine Hat Forums Header

Travis is also pretty active on Twitter in which he goes by the name of “devrandom” if you want to follow him. On Twitter he posts mainly about happenings in and around his life, which sometimes coincides with his posts on the Medicine Hat Forums. Also, since he is a “techhy” of sorts, lots of his posts are about technical stuff, like operating systems, hardware, video games and the like.

I won’t really comment about the design or layout or anything like that as it seems to be just a template with some modifications to it to suit the function – which I am not saying is a bad thing at all. In fact, that’s how Medicine Hat Media originally started after all. So check it out, register, and join the discussion and community that Medicine Hat Forums has to offer.

There have been quite a few Medicine Hat community sites popping up lately, Medicine Hat Media being one of the new kids on the block. There is also some more long-running community sites you might not be aware of (but chances are that you are). This post is dedicated to listing all the blog-like, social, or community based Medicine Hat sites that are out there. I have even posted some very obscure ones I found on my hunt.

Mad Hatters

Mad Hatters Site Banner

Mad Hatters Site Banner

Also known as “medhatblog”, The godfather’s of all alternatives to Medicine Hat Media, originally started in March of 2006 started with a simple concept, as stated by Skeet (one of the three bloggers):

The concept of this blog is to discuss all things pertaining to Medicine Hat in a candid, mainly factual style with open discussion. Something that you do not receive from the mainstream media. No sugar coating here. We will strive to make at least a post a day.

The general theme of the site appears (by the content) to be largely about breaking news and Medicine Hat/Canada politics, obviously in a less mainstream tone/setting.

Medicine Hat Forums

Medicine Hat Forums Site Banner

Medicine Hat Forums Site Banner

This site (or forum) popped up at about the same time Medicine Hat Media did, but I never found it, even when doing extensive searches until recently when I found it in Google on a random Medicine Hat related search. It’s a Medicine Hat forum, exactly like the name suggests where users can discuss anything relating to Medicine Hat (and other stuff as well).

The Mad-CAPCS Of Medicine Hat

Mad C.A.P.C.S. Site Header

Mad C.A.P.C.S. Site Header

The Mad “C.A.P.C.S.” (Citizens of Alberta for Positive Community Standards) of Medicine Hat is a unique blog about political and social news about  and relating to the C.A.P.C.S. Originally posted and reported in length on the Mad Hatters blog, spider, the owner of The Mad-Capcs Of Medicine Hat started posting on his own site. There’s plenty of good articles on his site if you don’t know about any of this, but chances are you remember the incident when they ruled that bikinis were pornographic and shouldn’t be allowed in view of children (referring to magazines/books).

Now for some of the more obscure ones:

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