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It was a year exactly since CHAT TV went from CBC to an E! Canada station when Canwest Media decided to shut down the E! counterpart in Canada, leaving all the stations in limbo. CHAT TV, as well as its sister stations in Kamloops and Prince George, BC, switched over to an affiliation with Citytv. This brought forth a change the schedule yet again. Instead of news at noon, 5, 6, & 11 weekdays, it is now at noon, 5:30, 6:30, & 11.

With the switchover, it brings in new Citytv programming,┬ásuch as CityLine, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Rachel Ray, the Jay Leno Show, Murdoch Mysteries, 30 Rock, and the Office. So you can be sure to have your “Mom” shows, but not so much “guy” shows. Hmm, what’s the matter with that picture? So, welcome in your hit comedy shows as well.

You may be asking what happened to the other E! stations/affiliates in Canada, well here’s what happened:

  • CHEK Victoria was schedule to close, but instead was sold to a group of private investors and continues to run independently.
  • CHBC Kelowna became Global Okanagan.
  • CHCA Red Deer closed on August 31st after 52 years of being on air as RDTV, CH, and E!
  • CHCH Hamilton was sold to Channel Zero and currently carries a news and movies format.
  • CJNT Montreal was sold to Channel Zero and continues its multicultural format with addition of foreign movies and music videos.

Goodbye E! Welcome to the new Citytv era! Another entry for the Jim Pattison Broadcast History Books!

I found out about this internet auction last night which is just about the right time since some items are ending tomorrow night. Chat TV’s internet auction is a lot like the Big Bike Auction and the Kinsmen Auction in that, it is a local non-profit internet auction for businesses to submit items to. In return, these businesses receive advertising credit on their radio and TV stations. So in that sense, it is unlike the previously mentioned two, and the Chat TV Medicine Hat Internet Auction is not a charity in any way.

There seems to be around 75 items up for grab, with the more popular items being the gift certificates and gift packages which usually go for above their cost; however, since this is not for charity, they probably won’t go over their value – there’s quite a few Pizza Hut ones in this category.

Chat TV Medicine Hat Internet Auction
Top 30 items nearest to closing page

When Sean and I were looking around for local websites awhile ago we stumbled upon some obscure and unknown websites (at least to us), among them was the Sunridge Observatory and the Medicine Hat Astronomy Club website. I was very interested to find out that such a thing even existed around Medicine Hat; albeit, a bit dated. CHAT TV recently did an interview with Thor Jacobson (by the way, that is an awesome name), and Robin Laing, owners and technicians of the program.

Sunridge Observatory website

Getting your local news and stories is getting easier and easier in Medicine Hat. We are also tooting our own horn by saying we’ve been helping in this very field; however, there is a couple places you may not be aware of, and others which are second nature to most living in the hat.

Medicine Hat News

Medicine Hat News

This can be filled under the “duh” category. The Medicine Hat News website is a great source of free local news. For a bit more, you can subscribe to the digital or physical version of the paper to get more news and events. Typically, less than half of the news gets put online that is in the actual subscription versions which a lot of people surprisingly don’t know. Some places of relevant interest on the site include:

Local News
Top News

102.1 The Lounge CJCY-FM


102.1 The Lounge’s news section on their new website features local news stories as reported by a small team of four including: Joe McFarland, Christy Mitchell, Steve Krysak and Harv Speers. There is quite a few good stories posted every so often and typically 2-3 stories go up every workday. They are usually pretty short, but nice and to the point. As of right now I can’t figure out how to see previous news stories as the news page only shows the 15 last news stories with no option of going further back. Either way, a good free news resource.

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