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In a deflated economy we’re still seeing a lot of business activity and expansion in the ‘Hat’. To name a couple examples, the Northlands strip mall and positive suggestions from City Council that the Events Centre is still in the works.

In my opinion, it’s great to see that our region hasn’t folded up the tents to wait out the storm. Long live our entrepreneurs!

Wanna be a kid in a candy store? Medicine Hat Sweets is a new enterprise that just opened up in Crescent Heights. This Candy Store has a lot of old school candy like pixie stix and pop rocks.

As of this moment, they still don’t have their signage up and they’re store is somewhat hidden. You can find them at 51 Tweed, just around the corner or in behind Dairy Queen in NW Crescent Heights. Contact them at 403-502-6625 or 403-502-0638.

Richard Rose seen here with fiancé Shirma Dewis and daughter Mikyla - Photography by Ian Sorensen, Medicine Hat News

Richard Rose with fiancé Shirma Dewis and daughter Mikyla - Photography by Ian Sorensen, Medicine Hat News

Richard Rose is taking the steps that too many people thought would be a good idea but never dared to tread. He has big plans to open up a video gaming center in our own Medicine Hat, up till now there has been no such thing combining all the latest consoles and PC gaming, and even in bigger city centers like Calgary or Toronto, places that do both console and PC gaming are rare.

The name of this establishment will be Empire Gaming and its location will reside at 104-7 Strachan Bay SE, with an anticipated opening date of mid-August. There is currently a Facebook group, “Gamers of Medicine Hat”, which will have updates on progress and upcoming events. The fee is expected to be around $5 an hour, and a yearly membership can be purchased anywhere from $50-$70 which will give special offers and discounts – it does not offer free play. The hours of operation will be 9:00AM – 9:00PM every day of week for the first couple weeks, after such time, changes will occur. There will also be all night events and tournaments scheduled later on.

Carrying all top of the line consoles, there will be 2 Wiis, 2 PS3s, 13 Xbox 360s and 20 PCs. The reason for these ratios is due to the amount of games per console dedicated to multi-player gaming. It is definitely an all-out experience, the Wii’s will have 92″ projector screens with surround sound and sub woofers.

So far all the feedback has been positive and encouraging except for one remark to the effect of “Why pay for something you can do at home for free?”. Well, I’m certainly not rich enough to afford all the consoles or even the high-end gaming computers they have, but it isn’t even so much about that. I’m certain with the opening we will see that gamers really are social people and just haven’t been given the proper opportunities. As a gamer myself, I think it’s very difficult to find friends with similar interests simply because – all those people are in their basements gaming themselves to play on a common stereotype.

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ElectroGlide Logo

ElectroGlide Logo

ElectroGlide is the only custom amplifier business in the city, making it a great business to feature here. Bill Gill, a local resident and no stranger to the local music scene started the business a couple years ago; however he’s been working with amps and electronics for 15 years. Recently, as far back as four years ago, he has been making and building custom amplifiers for a number of local and national musicians. He also does re-wiring, customization and other repair as well to existing amps, making him one of the few people (or only?) in town where you can get your amps repaired or modified.

Blurb from the website:

Peerless tone and reliability are paramount for me along with the right fit for an artist’s style. And like those artists, all of my amplifiers while similar, are not identical and each is an individual in its own right. So whether you’re like the semi-pro, pro and Juno award-winning artists who use and enjoy my products, or just a keen amateur player who values his own voice, I’m sure I can find a “fit” for you.

The website features tons of photos of his custom creations, live performances and recordings of many of the amps and contact information.

ElectroGlide Website

The Staples Business Depot in Medicine Hat will be hosting a garage/yard sale on Saturday, May 30, and Sunday, May 31, and will be open for duration of the regular store hours.

The garage sale will consist primarily of the clearance racks, as well as a little bit of extra stuff, all being moved outdoors for customers to browse while enjoying the hopeful sunshine, and as it is supposed to be in the plus 20’s, sunshine is likely.

Check it out if you are looking for some business supplies.

Business hours:
Saturday: 10AM – 6PM
Sunday: 11AM – 5PM

Since most things we post about on Medicine Hat Media are up and coming events or news articles, I thought a post about things to do in Medicine Hat all year-round would be a nice deviation. Here is a short compilation:

Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre offers 4 pools, including a wave pool, lane swimming pool, and a deeper end to accommodate the three diving boards and rope swing. The pool also offers a water slide, steam room, adult hot tub, and a warmer pool for babies and younger children.

Shortgrass Library is a spacious library consisting of thousands of books, magazines, audio tapes and CD’s, spread over multiple floors. Also offered are meeting rooms that include room enough to seat people comfortably, Internet connections, projection screens and whiteboards. The library is not just used to sign out books, but also offers TV, VCR/DVD, overhead and slide projectors, and theater LCD projector rentals.

Medicine Hat Menus is a menu website that includes a very large assortment of restaurants in Medicine Hat. Their slogan “Decide before you dine” is nothing short of the truth, as with nearly 30 menu listings and 150+ restaurants listed you do not have to drive around wondering where to go. The website provides users with the address and phone number of any restaurant in its listing, and also provides menus for the restaurants who allow their menu to be posted online with the website, which is very handy when ordering. Coupled with Medicine Hat Menus, MH Restaurants is a sister-site and provides reviews for many restaurants in the city. Check them out to see what people have to say.

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Living In The Hat

Living In The Hat

Living In The Hat, an all-purpose website guide for tourists and citizens of Medicine Hat, has been updated. The new website, which looks much like the old layout, designed by Lynn Costea (Website Design & Development head of Memory Lane Computers), has been upgraded to use CSS and Javascript, and is entirely cross-browser compatible (Coded by me, wee!).

Living In The Hat has a huge business directory, including some 2277 items, a menu directory for many popular restaurants in and around town, and a list of things to do. Bored? Simply check out the directory and you can no doubt find something to do.

If you have a business which you would like listed (which may be beneficial, as the site gets some hundreds of viewers a day), navigate to the Contact Us section and send an email with your name and website link, as well as the category or categories your business falls under.

Fresh Flowers & Gifts

Fresh Flowers & Gifts

I don’t really seem like the type to be posting about flowers, and truthfully I really am not the type but I’m doing it anyways because every experience I’ve had with Fresh Flowers has been great. I actually haven’t even bought any flowers from them, but I have stopped in several times for plants and gifts. They always have an ever changing selection of unique and fun house plants which me and my girlfriend like to have around the house. They also have a really good selection of vases, containers, potters, stones, soil – everything you need essentially. In the flower department they have a great selection of exotic things to gander at as well, including flowers that get shipped from Africa to Calgary to Medicine Hat in a day. Grocery store flower shops have nothing on this place.

The staff is really friendly and always extremely accommodating to any question that you may have about flowers, plants or gifts. Our next purchase is definitely going to be “the oldest known plant”, the Cycad which they currently have a selection of right now. You can even get a free vase with your arrangement when you call or email in and say that you saw them on-line (meaning their website). I think it’s a great local shop not to mention their store is really well designed including their business cards and booklets.

Fresh Flowers
62A – 3rd St. N.E
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
T1A 5L8

My96FM is now sporting a brand new website.

The new website is pretty slick and incorporates an interactive poll to vote on whatever contest is going on, an MP3 and video module for listeners to hear and see the latest band or song that is out, photo albums from My96 events, Facebook links to the On Air Crew, concert links for Southeast Alberta, etc.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

The website incorporates a streaming radio application you can run directly from your web browser as well, so you can listen to My96FM from work or home and you can win stuff by listening and rate the music. Simply click around to see what you can find.

Interested in finding out all about the On Air Crew? Check out their biographies. According to The 10 Facts about Grant Buchanan, he has only one testicle. Not only can you see photos of what the voice coming out of your speakers looks like, but you can read about what is in their pants too!

Sushi Miso is a quaint sushi restaurant located at 1561 Dunmore Road SE in Medicine Hat.

The food is prepared rather quickly and almost entirely made by hand, but nevertheless, I have never been disappointed. The restaurant boasts a wide selection of menu items, ranging from the archetypal raw fish to more “Americanized” sushi, which has chicken in it, to anything else you might ask for in a sushi restaurant.

The norm for me and friends to get is Miso Soup to start with, which is a salty broth filled with chives and tofu, followed by at least a roll (sliced into 6 smaller rolls) each, or three rolls (18) for two of us, or 5 rolls (42) for three of us. Despite looking like a small portion of food, one roll sliced into six smaller ones is enough to fill me up, and what is more, the ends of the roll are usually left untouched, so you get a little bit extra salmon, chicken, or whatever you ordered, sticking out of the ends.

The great thing about Sushi Miso is definitely the fact that it is not fast food and does not have all the additives and preservatives that other fast food places have. When I am done eating, I do not feel physically bad from eating it, as I might from McDonalds or any other fast burger place. Our bills at the end of the meal generally range between $6.00 and $10.00, comparable to most restaurants.

Sushi Miso:
1561 Dunmore Road SE.

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