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A couple of months ago in Veterans-Riverside Park there were a bunch of paving stones removed from around the tank area. These pavers were lifted and used to make a large fire pit. I couldn’t help but think how long it must have taken to construct this and the fact that nobody reported a fire going in the park.

Don’t know why, but I’m always surprised to see that there is a common problem of homeless and transients downtown. I’m never downtown in the Wee hours when I guess a lot of trespassing and vandalism occurs. I don’t think most people see this side of our City.

The Staples Business Depot is an office supply superstore in The Hat located next to Sobeys. The business is branded with the slogan “that was easy.” and that in itself sums it up.

Staples, also known as “The Business Depot”, has anything a business could want, including computers, printers, desks, chairs, and any other office supplies you can think of. Also included is some other more youth-friendly items, such as video games and colouring books for children to be occupied with while their parents shop around.

Staples - that was easy.

Staples - that was easy.

A Copy Center is incorporated into the store as well, which accommodates an array of print jobs along with laminating, folding, and a kiosk for anyone to work from. More recently, you can now upload your own files from home to Staples to be printed via the Staples Copy and Print website.

More than just a business store, Staples has school-related functions, including their “Back To School” sale, in which a large selection of school supplies are brought in and usually marked down in price. If you are shopping for your kids, you will no doubt think “That was easy.” when you are finished.

Recycling of printer cartridges and toners is offered in the store as well, simply bring them in and head to the printer cartridge section to find the recycling bin.

Value Village is a second hand store that has many locations across the country, but Medicine Hat’s seems to be separated from the others I have visited in terms of items that can be found.

The store is first and foremost a center for donated and used clothing for all shapes, sizes and ages, but along with that, they also sell housewares, tools, electronic media (televisions, radios, computer monitors), seasonal items (Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations), footwear, and other random assortments that float in and out of the store like chairs and couches, exercise equipment, benches, desks. Some of their seasonal items are not second-hand like their Halloween costume selection.

Value Village Logo

Value Village Logo

Some rarer and interesting items I have seen in the store include a Burka, designer belts and purses, original print books, very nice picture frames, digital cameras, collectibles of all kinds, original series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pillow case (currently in use by me), Vaughn had also found some other Ninja Turtle pillow cases which he briefly used – We are totally rad. Most of the collectibles and more expensive items are located at the front of the store in a glass cabinet – It’s interesting to see expensive or collectible items that people tossed unknowingly.

Donations can be made, which can be left around the back facade, but also probably imports clothing and objects for resale from bigger centers.

Discounts are commonplace within the store. Some days will see days with a certain % off, other days will see progressive % off days (10% increments with every passing hour).

Value Village can be located at 1368 Trans Canada Way SE.

The Post is a non-profit, second-hand store located in Downtown Medicine Hat that primarily focuses on clothing and furniture. All proceeds that are made go to Metal Health organizations and The Post is primarily staffed by volunteers, some with health conditions who are getting experience to get back on their feet and perhaps find their way into the work-field. They usually have a wide selection of clothing for all ages and sizes and at least a dozen couches, chairs or tables at any time.

Other objects that can be found include lamps, footwear, sporting and fitness equipment, sometimes video games, board games, televisions and computer monitors and much more. They also offer a small section of VHS, DVD and CDs.

Some cool finds I have seen in the store include a bow and arrow set (which I accidentally broke and then fixed) and a couple archaic Sega Genesis games in their original factory sealed packaging which Vaughn bought (and were worth 3 or 4 times the amount he paid, I think).

Donations can be made in front of the store, which can be identified by the usual overflowing bins by the doorway.

The Post can be found at 410 South Railway Street SE.

Kingsway Avenue and South Railway Street are two of the key streets in Medicine Hat, the former of which connects Dunmore Road to the latter, and leads to Downtown Medicine Hat. Many businesses of all types can be located along the way, many of which are staples in not only the Medicine Hat community, but Alberta as a whole.

While traveling down Kingsway Ave, some businesses that can be found are:

The Intersection after Pizza 73 marks the end of Kingsway Ave, and begins South Railway Street. Some businesses that can be found are:

Over the 5 or so years that Vaughn and I have lived in Medicine Hat, we have made a number of trips to the pawn shops of Medicine Hat. Two noteworthy shops include King of Trade and Mr. and Mrs. Pawn. I cannot count how much time (and money) I have spent in these places, let alone what Vaughn has spent.

King of Trade is an upscale second hand store in downtown Medicine Hat, and they have everything.

Their merchandise ranges from the typical stuff you would find in most pawn shops, like old board and video games, VHS and DVD movies, appliances and tools, to more extravagant items like full band instruments, including drums, guitars (acoustic and electric), some horns, amps, etc. Lots of televisions and cameras (both analog and digital), and a multitude of provincial, territorial and country flags.

Some other more rarer finds I have seen there have included a Sai, Templar Daggers, Scorpion Daggers, other types of swords/weapons, high end paintball guns and rare Nintendo and Super Nintendo games (usually purchased by Vaughn).

King of Trade is definitely the place to go if you are looking for cheap videos, flags, or any common thing you might find cheaper than anywhere else.

King of Trade is located at 645 3rd Street SE.

Mr. and Mrs. Pawn is a pawn shop located in downtown Medicine Hat that has more recently joined into one store (previously being two stores separated by a music store), and they have a wide array of this and that.

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Dunmore Road is the main strip of Medicine Hat. It is the first turn into the city when traveling west and connects with the opposite end of the city, with many strip malls, restaurants and stores along the way.

Restaurants include:

  • Moxies
  • Montanas
  • Boston Pizza
  • Earls
  • Sushi Miso
  • Bee Natural
  • Pho Dao
  • Roscos

Fast Food restaurants include:

  • Taco Time
  • Dairy Queen
  • McDonalds
  • Mary Browns
  • A&W
  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • Booster Juice
  • Subway

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Stores Online is coming back to Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Calgary to do their yearly Internet Marketing Conference.

Vaughn and I attended the conference last year when they were here and learned a lot about their practices, both in attending, and through the Internet afterward. We also learned that lots of people seem very taken in by the notion that they can make lots of money through the Internet with minimal effort. Do not forget to read the review on our attendance from last year. You can bet with their snappy dress codes, offerings of a free meal and MP3 player and encouraging words exclaiming “Anyone can do it, even you!” that their conference this time will be all about luring people in to get as much money as they can and offering poor website templates just as much as it was last year.

To summarize and make a few points, the last time they were here:

  • The entire crowd, except for Vaughn and me, was pretty much all people above 40 years of age. (An attempt to lure people in who may not have as much experience with eCommerce as newer generations).
  • They offered us a free meal for attending, which was poor at best.
  • They offered us a free MP3 player that ended up having multiple virus’s that installed automatically upon connecting with our computers.
  • They coersed people into buying their product by using powerful phrases like “You have to make decisions fast!” followed by “Some people don’t make any decisions ever in life.” to make people sound like failures if they do not buy in.
  • The website templates they offer look like they are circa 1998 at best.

There is a whole website dedicated to the review of Stores Online and has over 800 comments, which can be found here.

Last year, we had found out that Stores Online had received as Cease and Desist order from the State of Utah. Now upon Googling it, it seems they have received even more.

Vaughn and I might be at the conference again this year, as I received two free tickets to attend it through my place of employment. Oddly enough, to add their their unprofessionalism, they spelled both the first and last name wrong on the tickets I have.

I have not had a working iPod in over a year and a half, and even when I had one, it was still the first generation iPod Mini series that I bought refurbished off eBay. My burned CD collection goes back to about the year 2000, and most of them are fairly scratched up to an unplayable state due to being shoved into a CD wallet uncaringly. I am tired of skipping music, time for that to change.

I did my research and went to Future Shop. They had exactly what I was looking for – An 8gb Silver Nano. What is more, it was reduced in price by about $10 than everyone else, which was a pretty awesome and unexpected. I was approached by an associate named Marielle, who asked if I needed any help. After knowing what I wanted, she immediately went to get to the key to open the display case. She explained the warranty packages available without being forceful in the least and I was in and out of the store in probably less than 5 minutes.

The incentive for Future Shop associates to be more friendly, forward and helpful is that they make commission on their sales, but even with that in mind, I have never had a negative experience at Future Shop. Being a technologically inclined kinda guy, I usually know what I am looking for, but even so, the associates are pretty much always on the ball with trying to assist you and not being pushy about it.

Big Bike AuctionThe annual Heart & Stroke Big Bike Auction website is now live and will be until the 31st. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be that many items this year up for auction. Last year there was around 20 or 30 items, but hopefully some other community business members or individuals will donate some more once they know about it. The online auction system seems to work better than last years with improvements to the look as well.

Some of the items online now include two iPods, gift certificates to various businesses and a signed Medicine Hat Tigers jersey. Get bidding!

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