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Santa Claus Fund Online Auction Website

Santa Claus Fund Online Auction Website

The Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund is having an online auction starting today and finishing on December 16th. I previously posted about their new website and now we have an online auction version of their site as well. It seems like more and more organizations and charitable services in the city are taking the plunge and going digital, sometimes exclusively; however, you still have to come pick up your items at the Medicine Hat News building – in person!

There’s tons of items up for bidding (over 50) by many sponsors all throughout the city. Many local companies and businesses have graciously donated services and inventory to the Santa Claus Fund in hopes of making money for the organization. As many know, the Santa Claus Fund gives back to local needy families and individuals during the Christmas season, but also throughout the whole year. As with any online auction, be weary of those last minute bidders that snatch up your items!

At the end of bidding and if you are the winner of any item(s), you are able to pay via PayPal, or you can pay with cash/debit/credit card in person when you pick up your item(s) at the Medicine Hat News building.

Santa Claus Fund Auction Website

There is a huge sale currently taking place at Sports Connection Source for Sports on Kingsway Avenue.

The sale started on November27th, but continues until all products are sold. They have Goalie Sticks, Bags, Pants, Helmets, Skates, hundreds of hockey products that are priced to sell! This is the first time ever they’ve had a sale of this magnitude, so be sure to to check it out.

Click here for the digital flyer

Midnight Madness is over and done, but get ready to spend some more holiday cash on Moonlight Madness! Moonlight Madness takes place solely at the Medicine Hat Mall from 7:00PM to 11:00PM. It works a little different then the downtown counter-part as well. Instead of set deals and savings at a store, they change every 15 minutes, so you might have to go there at specific times to get the deal you want – kind of a cool concept. Some shops also have all-night deals on top of the 15 minute sales as well (view the bottom of the list to see these).

The Medicine Hat Mall followed suit again this year and decided NOT to place the deal list and times on their own site, instead giving the Medicine Hat News an exclusive, which might be on purpose, but certainly not good for them – why not have it on both? Anyways, this opens up an opportunity for us: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

View Midnight Madness 2011 Instead

I just realized when we received a comment on our last years Midnight Madness article that this year’s event is quickly approaching. This year, Midnight Madness will be taking place on Thursday night (November 26th). Most of the deals and sales that most business owners promote will start at 6PM and last all the way till midnight. Some of the yearly events include Santa arriving at City Hall, a tree lighting ceremony, Christmas carols, ice sculptures, and the international festival of trees.

The Downtown Medicine Hat website has recently changed their page to promote the event as seen here which details, new comer to this year, The Monarch Theatre having free admission for Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness is primarily a downtown event, but I’m sure some other shops around town also take part. Or, in the case of the Medicine Hat Mall – they have their own event which is called Moonlight Madness which we also posted about last year – still waiting for some information on this one for this year.

Alternatively, for more information, there is a couple businesses listing their own events/information on the Shop the Hat website event list.

Boylan Imaging is a professional photographic equipment and printing business located in the industrial area of Medicine Hat.

They do all sorts of printing from small documents to larger ones, CD labels, photographs, flyers, posters, and much more. You can also find an assortment of cameras and photographic equipment around the store, as well as picture frames.

Their website has a fresh looking design and offers informative ways to prepare your files and photographs for printing, including access to their digital server to upload things to be printed from your own computer, allowing you to only make one trip to pick up the finished product instead of two. The only critical downside to the design is that most navigational links have a very small font size, which probably makes it difficult to read for older clients.

The store is a primary go-to location for the graphic design students in the Visual Communications program at The Medicine Hat College, offering the students a special discount for their printing needs, and it is still remains the first place I go to for anything I need printed.

Are you engaged and looking for a marriage commissioner to perform a ceremony for you? Well, Wendy Klassen’s new website, Weddings in Medicine Hat has just been launched.

Wendy can not only perform a wide range of ceremonies, but she can also renew wedding vows and provides her own portable PA system for no additional cost. She meets with soon-to-be married couples before the wedding to plan out everything and ensure that the wedding will be memorable.

Check out to schedule an appointment.

Sports Connection Club - Tigers Contest

Sports Connection Club - Tigers Contest

Sports Connection Source for Sports is offering a brand new contest. If you join their newly unveiled Sports Connection Club you will be entered into a draw happening monthly for 2 free Medicine Hat Tigers tickets. That’s pretty incredible, just for becoming a member!

Sports Connection Club is the official mailing list of Sports Connection Source for Sports. It’s your monthly gateway for exclusive access to new arrivals, specials and deals at the Kingsway Avenue sports superstore. Not only do you have the opportunity to get free Tigers tickets but insider deals, what could be better?

Enter on their website

Sports Connection Source for Sports is located at: 833 Kingsway Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Telephone: 403-529-6130

Engaging Minds for Learning Sale

Engaging Minds for Learning Sale

This is a Medicine Hat Media Exclusive and you won’t hear about it anywhere else! Engaging Minds for Learning, which is Medicine Hat’s newest and greatest retail supplier of toys, games, puzzles and teaching supplies is having an unbelievable unadvertised sale this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (October 29th, 30th and 31st). There’s bound to be lineups so don’t wait till the last minute, everything on their massive product floor is discounted. Be sure to check it out as they have marked down everything in stock by 15%! Click here for the online flyer.

Engaging Minds for Learning is Southern Alberta’s premier educational resource store and a welcomed addition to the community. They are located in the Ross Glen Business Park, (near Petland) at #10-3307 Dunmore Road SE. Be sure to visit their website and subscribe to their email newsletters for amazing deals and insider sales!

Telephone: 403-488-9070

Click here to check out our original post on Engaging Minds for Learning.

Shop the Hat Logo

Shop the Hat Logo

In the efforts to keep consumer’s shopping locally, TriCube Media has launched a new service today entitled “Shop the Hat”. Shop the Hat is a premier business directory website that focuses on local shopping and retail. It features a surprising amount of other information as well including an event list and calendar, contests, an article section and printable coupons (for some businesses). The best free services on site include ability for user-uploaded events, user-submitted articles and the Shop the Hat twitter account which features a feed of all the local deals and commerce going on around the city.

As most of you know, I currently work at TriCube Media, so I posted this at the risk of sounding bias. You should also know, I’m not going to post anything on the site under my name unless I endorse it on a personal level – which is the case for Shop the Hat. I’m all about local websites providing a good service for business owners and shoppers alike. We will be adding more and more over the upcoming months including more events, more articles, more businesses, adding more pictures and more information about those businesses. I think it will be an constantly evolving project.

The site is actually a re-make of an older TriCube Media website entitled “MH Gift Guide” which did some of the same things; however, it became apparent we needed a more targeted and community-driven version of it, a lot like the rebuild of the Medicine Hat Menus from its previous version.

Shop the Hat
Medicine Hat News Article on Shop the Hat

A recent fascination I have had is businesses for sale in Medicine Hat. I started looking into this when I saw a couple search keywords come to Medicine Hat Media for this resource; however, we don’t really have anything on it. Well… that is until this post anyways.

I took a look on the web to see if I could find a resource out there for this specific need. I found quite a few bland and “spammy” directories, but then I stumbled upon the search option on my favourite realty site,, previously mentioned in this post – which actually, eventually found me my first house. It actually offers a search (which goes to a sister site, named for commercial properties.

Below is a specific set of links I made for a couple different searches on the website:

All existing businesses for sale or lease in Medicine Hat

Office spaces for sale or lease in Medicine Hat (can double as a new business location)

Retail locations for sale or lease in Medicine Hat (can double as both business and office)

Land for sale in Medicine Hat

It’s quite interesting reviewing these links from time to time to see what places are selling or even at the prospect of starting up a business or even owning an outside office.

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