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The Nintendo Neighbourhood Tour is coming to Medicine Hat and you are invited. The event will be held at Superstore between Friday, August 20th and Sunday, August 22nd and will be held at the following times:

  • Friday: 12pm and 5pm
  • Saturday: 11am and 6pm
  • Sunday: 11am and 6pm.

At the event you can play games on the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DSi XL. Included is a learning session about Club Nintendo and connectivity on their gaming platforms.

Food and drink will be available on site while supplies last.

Downtown Medicine Hat is a drag. Shops open and close regularly, driving around to find a parking spot is most often a nightmare and the only way to go between North and South Railway Street on foot is through a dilapidated underground walkway. Currently there are a number of plans in the works to revitalize downtown. One plan of which includes removing planters, at the cost of a huge sum of money, to make a few more parking spaces which probably will not return on the investment of spending so much for so little. Other plans fizzle out or are rejected by vote.

In reading Ticked and Tickled on the Medicine Hat News, one resident complained about how the Railroad is still in town. This gave me an idea: As the railroad is supposed to be moving its operation to the town of Dunmore, why not rip up the tracks and make a mall? A mall would help downtown immensely. It would help relieve the congestion of traffic headed towards Walmart on a daily basis, create many jobs, create an area for people to park in, and most importantly, unify the North and South Railway Streets. The railroad station could also be turned into a dozen cool shops.

The immediate problem I can foresee is that malls usually start off with a few chain stores, such as a Walmart, Zellers, The Bay, Safeway, and so forth. There may not be enough room for a typical square style mall, so an elongated one would be the best choice. Perhaps two chain stores on either side with strip malls and a big parking lot in between. Another possible idea could be a two story mall that could accommodate many more stores with a big underground parking lot, though, Medicine Hat may not be big enough for another large scale mall.

Another issue is that Medicine Hat is not considered big enough for some stores, but as the town just keeps getting bigger, a new mall may encourage new business. Some businesses would, of course, do better in a mall setting, such as Empire Gaming, which tanked due to poor location. It may have greatly thrived in the setting of a mall or in the heart of downtown.


Ohhhh, the Taco Time
We offer the freshest ingredients
From crisp veggies, to freshly made salsas
As well, our real cheddar cheese

Well, I know what I am having for supper. TACO TUESDAYS!

Elite Athletic TrainingElite Athletic Training is a training program being offered by Temple Fitness and Food First, two local businesses. It is designed for youth (aged 14 to 18) who are participating in sporting or athletic endeavors to get healthier and be more fit.

The 6-week training program will be taking place from July 13th to August 19th at Temple Fitness and will cost $399 to register. Featured in the program is certified fitness instructor Shane Chynoweth from Temple Fitness, and registered dietitian, Emily Burt-Hann from Food First – Teaming up together to offer this unique program.

Call 403-487-5060 to register.

Sixteen years ago, the Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta proudly made its inaugural grant, one of assistance to the City of Medicine Hat after 1995’s devastating flooding.

Today, the Community Foundation reminds those in our region that the foundation is available to assist charitable organizations through the Immediate Assistance Fund.

“The Immediate Assistance Fund began a year ago to collect donations for those affected by the economic downturn,” said executive director Mike Christie. “And although we made disbursements this spring, we have left the fund open for emergencies such as this.”

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

In continuing its rich history of supporting charitable organizations in the region, the Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta today announced a grants distribution totaling $65,355.

Over half of the grant funds will go toward 11 community projects. Groups applied for these funds in March and the Foundation’s grants committee undertook the process of choosing the grant recipients. These community groups will receive $40,814 of the funds while the other $24,541 is allocated to pre-determined designated grants for charitable organizations in the region.

The Community Foundation has now awarded 619 grants in its 18-year history, worth over $2.7 million. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Hello everyone!  I am new to Medicine Hat Media and wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Angela and I am the owner of Runwayz.  We are a unique store offering gift ideas, home decor, ladies accessories and clothing, as well as baby and children’s items including toys and clothing.

We are located in the lower level of the Arcade Plaza which is downtown at #4 – 419 3rd Street SE.  I hope you can stop by sometime and discover what Runwayz is all about.

Facebook Page

Medicine Hat Meat Traders Ltd. (MHMT) is a business that processes and sells natural local meats and is located at 699 Kingsway Ave SE. Their stock of natural meat includes beef, pork, sausage, jerky and supplies for processing your own meat. Also included are some local general store items such as breads and desserts.

The MHMT website offers a wide array of information about their products and supplies, history and fundraising options, along with a gallery to offer users a virtual tour of their facility and retail store.

I have been to their retail store once so far, but plan on going back often. The sirloin ground beef in particular is top notch and makes some mean nachos. I also purchased a couple packages of their “Dang Good Jerky”, which I would rate among the best jerky in town.

As a headliner, MHMT can often be found at the annual Medicine Hat Farmer’s Market with the majority of their product line available and free samples for buy-curious customers.

To support local business and get some good meat, check out The Medicine Hat Meat Traders.

Spectrum Logo

Looking for the Spectrum 2011 post?

I have already posted about All the Colours of the Spectrum, but what about the main event? This year it taking place over the following dates:

  • Friday 4-10PM (June 4th)
  • Saturday 11AM-10PM (June 5th)
  • Sunday 11AM-4PM (June 6th)

The main Spectrum event contains a huge amount of art, sports, dance, music, food, festivities and other performances (including the magic of Trevor Moore). In fact, I think this post has been tagged with the most categories a single post has ever received. The following is a list of stage performers (which are free, by the way):

Friday, June 4th

4:00 – 4:45 – German Harmony Band
5:00 – 5:45 – Amy Nelson
5:45 – 6:30 – The Magic of Trevor Moore
6:30 – 8:00 – Scott Ward – Hypnotist
8:15 – 9:15 – Kool Ray and the Hip Kats

Saturday, June 5th

11:30 – Amy Nelson
12:00 – Walk a Mile in her Shoes
12:30 – Amy Nelson
1:00 – Medicine Hat’s Got Talent
2:00 – Dance Connection
3:00 – Master’s Extreme Makeover
4:30 – 5:30 – The Straight Jackets
5:30 – 6:30 – Blacksmith Jones
6:45 – 7:45 – The Magic of Trevor Moore
8:00 – 10:00 – Jazz – Lyle Rebbeck

Sunday, June 6th

12:00 – Gas Town Riot
1:00 – Medicine Hat’s Got Talent
2:00 – Dance Connection
3:00 – Quintet

Besides performances, there’s also a ton of other activities and events to keep you busy: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

The Chinese buffet-style restaurant, New Imperial Palace Restaurant has closed… er, rather, it’s been closed, forcefully. That was on May 13th. A day later, it was re-opened. This was all due to a Alberta Health Services inspection whereby 36 separate points against its facilities were raised on an inspection on May 12th. It was a pretty grim list of gross things going on as shown in the Executive Officer’s Order PDF. After you read through it, I would also like to mention that ALL of the problems have been resolved as shown in the re-inspection on May 14th.

To me, it seems like that was a lot of stuff to solve in just a single day? However, I trust the re-inspection fully and would feel safe to eat there again… that is, if I wanted to. I’ve been there about three times and while it was “decent”, it has nothing on Medicine Hat Buffet especially if you are looking for that type of thing. To most people, after reading this, they will be spoiled on the idea of the restaurant forever, which sealed the fate for a similarly closed restaurant, Menggu Grill which faced a similar inspection closing and re-opening.

New Imperial Palace Restaurant’s full history of inspections

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