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Saturday, March 3, 2012
11:00am until 4:00pm

Kinplex Kin Social Room, 2055 21st Ave SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Spring is on its way! Stop by and see what a great variety of local area small businesses have to offer. The event is free to attend and everybody is welcome.

Runwayz will be presenting our great new Spring line for Peekaboo Beans, as well as clearing out any last remaining Fall 2011 pieces. We will be having a silent auction, where the highest bidder wins!

Confirmed Vendors:

  • Runwayz Boutique
  • Peekaboo Beans Medicine Hat – stylist Angela Boschee
  • Only Green Genes with Juice Plus
  • Regal
  • Quilted Cabin (catalog CD on hand to view only)
  • Ribbon and Wool Creations
  • Usbourne Books
  • Henna Artistry and Honey Hats
  • The Orange Orchid Boutique
  • Pampered Chef
  • Pauline’s Pantry … baking goodies and more!
  • Princess House
  • Roth Photography
  • Avon
  • Scentsy
  • Pure Romance
  • Signature Homestyles
  • Toe Tattz
  • Mia Bella Candles
  • Simply Fashions
  • Epicure
  • Appeeling Apples
  • Arbonne

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On Thursday, January 19th, Safety Dynamics will be hosting ‘Business After Five’, one in a series of networking events hosted every month by member businesses of the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce. These events are designed to create a relaxed atmosphere in which local business owners and operators can meet, exchange information, learn about the different facets of business in our community, and create new alliances.

Businesses and individuals are invited to stop by and check out Safety Dynamics’ training facility, learn about he services they provide and network with other businesses and professionals. There will be refreshments and a draw for free training.

Event Details:
Date: Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Location: Safety Dynamics – 902 16th
Street SW, Medicine Hat
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Cost: FREE

All are welcome to attend this come-and-go event. Members of the Chamber of Commerce interested in hosting a ‘Business After Five’ event are invited to contact the Chamber’s Administrative Assistant, Kristen Bishoff, at (403)527-5214 ext. 221 or

Framing Art Centre & Clay Trade Logos

The Clay Trade and Framing and Art Centre are very proud to feature two very talented local artists – Zach Quin & Dean Francis during Midnight Madness & the Art Walk.

Midnight Madness is a Downtown Christmas Tradition and the Downtown Art Walk is becoming a staple event for art lovers! These two events will be merged into one!

November 24th from 7 – midnight

628 2nd Street SE (across from the Monarch Theatre)

We will have complimentary cups of hot chocolate, treats, free gift (limited quantities) and LIVE music from our house band.

Come enjoy one of the most festive nights before Christmas.

Follow us: and on Twitter @clay_trade

Spectrum LogoAlthough it’s been pretty depressing in terms of weather lately, all signs point to some nice sunshine tomorrow for the annual downtown Spectrum event (but ofcourse, with some chance of rain). Officially the Spectrum starts today and lasts until Sunday, but most of the events are taking place tomorrow, except for all the great deals that is. As usual, there’s going to be tons of deals from all the local businesses downtown; however, this year they are opening up the event to take over first and third street as well. Besides the shops, there’s also the events such as, music, magic, fashion, comedy and more.

In typical fashion, the Medicine Hat News has released a Spectrum supplement which details all the different events happening this year: Spectrum 2011 Guide – It truly is a good informational resource for Spectrum.

Medicine Hat News article: Spectrum Festival takes over downtown by Collin Gallant

Spectrum Website

Where: Cypress Centre Pavalilion
When: May 21st 9AM – 3PM
No cost for entry!

Door Prize tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5 and the proceeds will go to the Medicine Hat Parent Link Centre.

  • Charity Bake Table – KIDS! Decorate your own cupcake!
  • Henna Tattoo Artistry
  • Airbrushing – Get those toes ready for summer!
  • Try your hand at cardmaking!

Many great companies to discover including: Epicure, Stampin’ Up, Dress Your Lashes, BeautiControl, Inspired!, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Avon and so much more!

More than 40 home businesses in attendance!

Facebook Event

TriCube Media Contest

TriCube Media Contest

TriCube Media is holding a contest in which one lucky winner will win 500 business cards, designed by TriCube Media, along with free online and print promotion for their business. Interested? Then all you have to do is follow these two steps:

  1. Like TriCube Media on Facebook:
  2. Post your logo on the TriCube Media Facebook wall.

That’s it! A winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on TriCube Media’s Facebook page, Shop The Hat, as well as in the Medicine Hat News and Prairie Post.

Submit your logo.

Website Screenshot

Website Screenshot

A new local website has launched today called “Crewpon”, a combination of “Crew” and “Coupon”. It is a group/team buying site, similar to that of Groupon. People buy certificates, gift cards, coupons and other deals for discounted prices. For example, the deal today and this week is for Labels for Men; they are offering a $50 gift certificate for $25 which means you are saving 50% off of something you might be buying anyways. So if you shop or want to start shopping at Labels for Men, why not?

Crewpon kind of works like Groupon, but instead of only offering deals to big cities around here (like Calgary), this is a local initiative, done locally by the Medicine Hat News and TriCube Media.

How does Crewpon work?

  1. A local business offers a coupon/deal/gift card for a limited amount of time.
  2. Purchasers have a limited amount of time to purchase the discount.
  3. Bring in the purchased coupon (from your phone or printed copy) to the physical location to get your discount.


In light of certain recent events, I thought this topic deserved a post. There’s always two sides to every complaint. You can’t please everyone. Some lessons I learned a while back when similarly sharing something negative myself, and posting it on Medicine Hat Media.

As a co-owner of Medicine Hat Media, a person who runs a personal business, is employed by another business, and partakes in the offerings of other businesses, it is of my opinion that complaints and criticisms of businesses in Medicine Hat are not only important, but vital  to both parties. We provide a service for consumer complaints to speak out against bad business and service, but we also provide that same service for businesses to promote themselves (for free), and like recently, provide a forum for businesses to represent themselves how they so choose. This creates a non-bias, non-partial, open and local environment for these topics and more.

We allow local businesses to advertise written content on our site for free! What other source locally with our reach allows something like this? But as typical humans, we love to hate, or hate to love negativity. Let’s compare comments on positive articles versus negative ones. There’s a post a couple down that promotes a showcase of local businesses with 0 comments for an example. It’s kind of sad really. It makes me wonder, what’s the point of offering this service to businesses when so rarely, they use it at all.

As Medicine Hat Media is a free, non-profit, public-driven blog, we allow an open forum of speech between any party and any person, no matter what their opinion is. As long as their written content provides a valid criticism, provides positive and negative points, appears to be factual (see definition of defamation), and encourages/allows comments for disagreement or agreement we will allow it.

Unlike publications, newspapers, and other forms of advertising-based media, we have the opportunity to do something unique for our users, readers, and writers. Let’s not ruin that.

And in that spirit, you are free to comment that you disagree or agree with me. If enough people are in opposition, then I am open to change (for example, removing a post). That’s the beauty of it.

Has anyone ever tried to find an associate who works in the paint department of Walmart? It is nearly impossible, as my recent purchase of paint has lead me to believe. It is my conclusion that “paint department associates” do not actually exist.

Finding paint is the easy part, but what if once you find the desired paint, you need it shaken? There is never anyone around to operate the device for you, leaving you to wait without any idea on how long it may take for someone to walk by. Sometimes, by chance, someone will walk by, but usually it is not an associate who is knowledgeable enough to press the green (start) button or the red (stop/eject door) button. All they end up doing is paging someone else to assist you, leaving you to wait even longer. Even more frustratingly, there may even be a sign in the paint department directing the customer to walk halfway across the store to the electronics department to ask for paint shaking assistance. In one case for me, the associate in the electronics department only then paged someone from the automotive department to assist you, who may go there before you arrive, see no one, then leave.

Luckily there is an alternative that eases the frustration: The machine is fool-proof and you can do it yourself, as I resorted to doing. Here is a small guide on how to get away with it:

  1. There is a diagram on the machine that indicates how to place the cans, and a small instruction guide explaining that if you are mixing a certain type of paint, to change the timer to 3 minutes, otherwise it is defaulted to 2 minutes.
  2. Place the cans of paint in the machine as directed by the instructions, close the door and press the green button.
  3. Walk away for 2-3 minutes and perhaps go to an adjacent aisle and pretend you are looking at some other product until you hear the machine stop.
  4. Beware as an associate may walk by. Usually if they see no one there, they will assume some other associate is helping a customer that they cannot immediately see, and walk away.
  5. Once the machine stops, nonchalantly walk over, press the red button for the door to eject, grab your paint and leave.

1 of 3 possible outcomes can occur:

  1. A Walmart associate sees you doing the paint shaking yourself and asks you not to do it, but you can always do it again.
  2. A Walmart associate reports you to a Manager, who questions you, to which you can respond with them not having a convenient knowledgeable associate to assist you and as a result, you had to take matters into your own hands.
  3. You get away with it frustration free.

If you need anything more than paint shaking, such as tinting or information on what type of paint to use for what type of project, you can forget receiving any help from a Walmart associate.

Featured Business of the Week is an initiative created by a partnership between the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce, TriCube Media, and Medicine Hat News. It’s a look into showcasing and featuring great local businesses around town. Included in their package is the opportunity to record a short video/commercial which are subsequently posted to a multitude of places, including YouTube. They are currently featuring their 11th business with no signs of stopping. I think it’s a pretty neat project and cool concept locally for all those involved.

I have seen these videos popping up in quite a few places (mostly in social networking), and most recently, a full site has launched dedicated to featuring the videos and information:

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