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Rapscallion Storefront

Rapscallion Storefront

Rapscallion Design is a Medicine Hat-based graphic design company.

The company has been in business for years now, producing designs that range from clothing to websites.

Rapscallion Design sports an in-house screenprinting service which they utilize as all their retail designs are created by hand and screenprinted by hand. Mass production is cool and all, but it is definitely an added bonus to feel that you are not a product of mass production and to support the arts. Their designs are not done by a bunch of kids who pirated the Adobe Creative Suite and learned how to trace in it, but totally opposite, the workers at Rapscallion Design have their degrees in Visual Communications, and after being in the industry for a number of years, can really produce some awesome work.

You can check out the store at 455 3rd Street SE, Downtown Medicine Hat.

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December 2nd is an in-house Graphic Design company based in Medicine Hat.

The revolution began, oddly enough, on the second of December one year. Since then, the company, headed by Rene Waters and Josh Gregg, have constantly produced the epitome of great graphic design in Medicine Hat. A lot of people knock Graphic Designers, stating that they cannot design websites because they do not know how coding for the Internet works, but truly, whether it comes to designing for print or for the web, December 2nd truly comes out on top.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Not just a designer, but also a teacher, Rene Waters has been an active educator for the Visual Communications course at The Medicine Hat College. It is not an awkward notion in the least to, as a student in Visual Communications, seek out the advice of either Rene Waters or Josh Gregg. Both have been in the industry for years and will always give the most honest of critiques and suggestions on work or ideas. It is not unusual to be welcomed into their studio.

Since forever ago, December 2nd has taken an active interest in employing students during their summer work terms. Most notably, the students are of the Visual Communication course. This gives not only the students a sure-footing for their career path, but gives December 2nd an added benefit of another creative mind to have input on their projects.

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