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Taylor and I have been to Argo’s a couple times this summer for breakfast, and in one word, it is fantastic. The staff at the restaurant, whether seating or serving, are always fast and friendly.

Both times that Taylor and I have been there over the course of the summer, we have ordered the same meal (we are boring), which is the Argo’s Breakfast Special (or something like that), which is a little bit of everything: Eggs, Hashbrowns, Toast or Pancakes and Bacon or Sausage. Both times, as well, we have had the fortune of having the same server, who is a very upbeat person and always wears a sincere smile and is very attentive on checking up on how the food is and drink levels. Her friendliness even extended to asking Taylor about where she got her shirt from, kind of creating a more friendly connection between establishment and patron.

The best thing about Argos is that I do not feel lethargic after eating the food, like I do with breakfast from most places, since my stomach does not really like breakfast foods.

As far as breakfast locations go, I would highly recommend Argos. I am sure their lunches and dinners are great as well, though I have not been there during those times to see for myself.

Argos is located at 3065 Dunmore Road Southeast.

Earl’s is a fine dining restaurant located along Dunmore Road in Medicine Hat. It is much like other casual dining restaurants in terms of food and price, but Earl’s has a more classy air with the decor and furniture.

The atmosphere overall was pleasant, despite a few loud people around us, and the food was good. As per usual, I ordered a steak sandwich (something I get at least once from every restaurant I go to) and it was prepared well, and something I would definitely order again if I go back. The restaurant was semi-cool in temperature, though it was very hot out, so they probably had the air conditioning raised a fair amount, but was more comfortable than not.

The restaurant features the “Phoenix Lounge”, which is a classier area of the establishment, as opposed to the restaurant side, where families would go.

My only quarrel with the dining experience was the attire of the female staff. Most, if not all places, have a dress code, and while Earl’s seems classier, it almost seems like the majority of the female staff dressed in short or tight dresses that had flashy sequins on them or tears in the fabric to expose more skin. I am not speaking for all guys in town, just that to me, it is not appealing or classy.

My imagination conjures up the thought of a married couple dining there with the husband looking attentively at the waitress and the wife being apathetic over it, or the exposing of skin to increase tip amounts. Personally, nice friendly staff who check up on their guests and refill drinks when needed are what makes me leave good tips.

I have never been to an Earl’s besides the one in Medicine Hat, so maybe other ones are different. Either way, the steak sandwich is my food choice if I find myself back there.

Earl’s is located at 3215 Dunmore Road SE.

The now controversial fledgling segment of Friday Failure is now gone and dead.

Originally started as a way to add some localized humour to the site, it has has ruffled a few too many feathers in a negative way for Medicine Hat Media on behalf of myself. While I did receive some nasty emails about it personally, I also got some “laugh-backs” as well, but unfortunately the people that liked the humour aspect will have to look elsewhere, more specifically, just add some locals on Twitter to get your fix. I’m definitely interested in any opinions on the matter, especially on the following aspect, please read on: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

StoresOnline was back in Medicine Hat tonight at the Callaghan Inn. I met pretty much everyone that attended the seminar while I stood outside the Inn passing out informational write-ups on their seminar from last year.

The purpose I was handing out the write-ups, if I did not explain it concisely to everyone, was to encourage potential buyers to research business they may never have heard of before to see if they are legit and something they really want to get involved with. As I explained to a few people: This is recession time, and businesses will always want to do business with you, so there is no need to rush into signing up for something that costs a lot of money.

The age range of this years attendance was different than last years. There were a few more younger people this year, around the ages of 25-35, as opposed to last years general 40+ year old attendance. Most people; however, seemed mostly interested in the free meal and MP3 player. Most people seemed thankful that I was outside and taking an active participation in the on-goings of the city. I even had a few people come back outside before I left to thank me, which felt pretty rewarding.

This year might have been different from last, though with the consensus around the country and throughout the USA, as depicted on the website, it was probably the same.

To check out my previous posts on Stores Online in Medicine Hat last year, check out my First Article from 2008, and my 2008 Summary to prepare Hatters for the 2009 seminar.

Any comments from any of the people who went about their seminar this year?

Echo Dale is a recreational park located about 15-20 minutes outside Medicine Hat that entertains thousands of people each summer. The park sports a large outdoor swimming hole that neighbours both a pond and the South Saskatchewan River, as well as a farm that, during summer, offers tours and a petting zoo. There is a walking and biking path runs around the swimming hole, pond, farm and leads out of Echo Dale to a starting point located at the Gas City Campground.

The swimming hole is surrounded half by a sandy beach and half by grass with Volleyball nets located near the shore and a few picnic tables. The Ajax Building offers food, drink, changerooms, washroom services and is located near the parking lot.

The nearby pond has paddleboats for rent, many picnic tables and barbecue pits, and fish for fishing.

The Echo Dale Farm is a restored farm that acts as a reflection into what rural life was like in the 1900’s. There is a farm house, a barn, blacksmith shop, a mine, and animals that are kept there during the summer. More information about the farm can be found on the Echo Dale Farm Society website. The website is no longer operational.

Echo Dale can be located by heading down Highway #3 towards Lethbridge and taking a right by the Spitz sunflower seed factory, then just follow the signs. It is definitely the place to head if you are looking for some fun in the sun.

This new, fresh cafe located on 3rd street in downtown Medicine Hat is a welcome change from the regular hum drum of midday meals. Sean and I enjoyed lunch on their unique sheltered patio on Friday and we were not disappointed. Our server, Denai, was beyond helpful, even when we asked to switch tables. After informing us of the specials and quickly bringing us our drinks (which were served in glass coke bottles) our food was promptly delivered despite the lunch rush. For $8.95 each, Sean and I got more food than either of us could eat in one sitting and the quality was excellent.

The menu is quite large, including breakfast and lunch/dinner selections with standard dishes like soups, salads, sandwiches etc. In addition, all the meals appear to be within the $10-$15 range making for great value.

My only critique is the lack of music on the patio. As this is a new restaurant it may be a future addition but some tunes would have been nice to help drown out the inevitably loud road noise. But overall it was an excellent experience and I highly recommend The Patio Cafe for your next meal.

Dunmore Road is the main strip of Medicine Hat. It is the first turn into the city when traveling west and connects with the opposite end of the city, with many strip malls, restaurants and stores along the way.

Restaurants include:

  • Moxies
  • Montanas
  • Boston Pizza
  • Earls
  • Sushi Miso
  • Bee Natural
  • Pho Dao
  • Roscos

Fast Food restaurants include:

  • Taco Time
  • Dairy Queen
  • McDonalds
  • Mary Browns
  • A&W
  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • Booster Juice
  • Subway

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Medicine Hat Media is primarily about showcasing Medicine Hat-related things, but I cannot help wanting to branch out a little bit to do a review on the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw.

Earlier this week, Taylor and I visited the spa during a trip to Regina and we were far from being even slightly disappointed. The pool is not overly meant for swimming, but more for relaxing, and is about 5 feet deep at the deepest part and has both indoor and outdoor sections. According to the Temple Garden’s website, the water is drawn up from 4500 feet below the Earth’s surface. The therapeutic benefits from the high concentration of Epsom and Glauber salts, Silicon, Potassium and Magnesium result in soothing effects on the body, joint pain relief, skin hydration, and much more.

The spa is often compared to the mineral pools in Bath, England, which has a rich history of mineral water being used for therapeutic benefits.

As Moose Jaw is just a few hours down the road from Medicine Hat, if anyone is heading out that way, it would do a work of good to stop by Temple Gardens and have a dip. There is also a hotel to stay in, a restaurant in the building and a casino across the street.

Mucho Burrito

*UPDATE* September 8th – It is now confirmed that Mucho Burrito is open to the public once again.

*UPDATE* Just got an email reading: “I just reviewed your comments on line and do respect and appreciate. We will be reopened in a few short weeks. Looking forward to seeing you there again as a customer.” – Stephen Travers, President – Extreme Brandz Western Canada.

Looks like it is good news for all the fans, we might do an update when it re-opens. Otherwise, below is the original article:

Mucho Burrito has recently closed as of this weekend. A lot like East Side Mario’s closing earlier this month there is a lot of speculation and not a lot of information as to why. I only stopped in there once when it first opened because I was intrigued at the concept. Although I wasn’t completely sold on the variety of sides they had (for example, I was expecting mexi-fries rather than plain tortilla chips with salsa)  the rest of the food was good and I thoroughly enjoyed the homemade-style salsa. I believe I got both a chicken burrito and a beef burrito with the hottest salsa – and it definately was HOT.

Seemingly this place would of got a lot of business being so close to everything in the new developing area, but then again, East Side Mario’s was seemingly doing well as well. So what’s going on? Anybody with more information, feel free to comment or contact us.

Booster Juice is a popular health-conscious stop stop for many people not just in Medicine Hat, but now all over the world. The chain started up in Edmonton in 1999, and ten years later, there are 174 locations in Canada, 23 in the United States, and (seemingly random) 5 in Saudi Arabi, and one in Dubai, India and The Netherlands.

In Medicine Hat, I am rarely let down by the quality of the fruit smoothies. Although, to be fair, I get the same kind whenever I go there, but I have tried others that other people have gotten, and they were good! The staff there are usually friendly. A few times; however, they have seemed less-than-thrilled to be there, but we all have our ups and downs, but overall, they provide consistent quality of deliciousness.

You can couple the Booster Juice with a wrap for the usual price of a meal from any other restaurant. It is definitely a fresh switch from the greasy fast food places.

Booster Juice in Medicine Hat is located in Suite 108, 3215 Dunmore Road Southeast (Across from KFC on Dunmore Road.)

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