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Almost a year ago to the day we had posted on Little Caesars opening up in Crescent Heights. I heard many people complain about this because Crescent Heights is so far away from everything despite it takes around 15 minutes maximum to drive across town. So, much to everyones delight, Little Caesars now has a location on Dunmore Road.

The new Little Caesars is located at 3074 Dumore Road, in the same parking lot as The Scoreboard and the old Mary Brown’s. I wonder if there will be some Dunmore Little Caesars/Pizza 73 wars to come soon.

Check it out for affordable and good Pizza!

Our post on Little Caesars in Crescent Heights

The City of Medicine Hat invites everyone who was involved with the 2010 flood to a free tailgate party and Medicine Hat Tigers hockey game on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

The first exhibition game of the Medicine Hat Tigers is traditionally a Charity Classic fund raising event and this year’s benefiting organization is the Medicine Hat Regional Hospice Palliative Care Society. As the City has purchased tickets to distribute to volunteers, workers, other stakeholders and those affected by the recent flood, the Hospice Palliative Care Society will benefit from the increase in ticket sales.

“The Charity Classic is a great way to accomplish several objectives simultaneously,” says Fire Chief Rob Robinson who served as Director of Emergency Management during the flood. “By working collaboratively with the Tigers organization we offer an opportunity for a fun-filled evening for everyone who was involved in one way or another during and post flood while at the same time, supporting the Hospice Palliative Care Society by increasing proceeds from ticket sales. We look forward to the community coming together following this extraordinary flood event to recognize the generosity and unselfish acts of neighbors helping neighbors, and thought the tailgate party and hockey game would accomplish this in a classy way.”

A tailgate party along with a free barbecue will run from 5 to 7 p.m. for all ticket holders. The Charity Classic Hockey game with the Tigers going up against Swift Current Broncos will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets to the 2010 Flood Thank You event are now available from volunteer organizations, the Volunteer Centre, Cypress County Office or Community Development, third floor of City Hall.

For more information,

Miracle Treat Day

Miracle Treat Day

As tipped off by Kim Johnston’s Facebook profile picture, today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen in Medicine Hat (and Canada). It’s the day when calories don’t exist when you eat ice cream… but not really.

It’s actually a day about helping sick and injured children in your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. All proceeds from Blizzards today go directly to this cause. Interestingly enough, it’s only $1 from the proceeds in the U.S. I guess Canada is just that much better. From the site:

One thing’s for sure, Dairy Queen loves kids and kids love DQ®. That’s why all proceeds from every Blizzard® treat sold on Miracle Treat Day, August 12, 2010 will help sick and injured children in your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.* Since 1984, DQ has raised over $81 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Let’s make 2010 a record-breaking year! Join DQ and help make miracles happen.

Maybe I am only posting this because I have been craving ice cream for like a week, here’s my excuse!

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day Website

The Nintendo Neighbourhood Tour is coming to Medicine Hat and you are invited. The event will be held at Superstore between Friday, August 20th and Sunday, August 22nd and will be held at the following times:

  • Friday: 12pm and 5pm
  • Saturday: 11am and 6pm
  • Sunday: 11am and 6pm.

At the event you can play games on the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DSi XL. Included is a learning session about Club Nintendo and connectivity on their gaming platforms.

Food and drink will be available on site while supplies last.

The Garage is a local pub and eatery in Medicine Hat that is located at 710 Gershaw Drive SW.

Their menu is really interesting and often places a twist on the name of common items to something more automotive, although this may fall short on someone that is not automotively inclined. For instance, the menu has a section called “Nuts and Bolts”, and in that section something called “Extra Fluids” is offered. I am not sure what it means specifically. Does it mean condiments? Chasers for drinks? A little extra in your drink? I have no idea.

Aside from the menu being a little vague at times, a plentiful number of dishes and drinks are available for hungry customers at a decent price. The aesthetic of the building, as one might guess, is a building that used to be a garage. As such, the garage doors can open up during summer and allow patrons and servers to go between the building and patio with ease. An additional benefit is that the patio faces away from a westering sun, so once it begins to set, it will not blind patio goers.

In my few times at the Garage, it has never been so busy that there is not a table available. This is a huge upside as many other chain restaurants, such as Boston Pizza or Original Joes are usually overflowing.

Check out The Garage for a good local pub with equally good prices.

Spectrum Logo

Looking for the Spectrum 2011 post?

I have already posted about All the Colours of the Spectrum, but what about the main event? This year it taking place over the following dates:

  • Friday 4-10PM (June 4th)
  • Saturday 11AM-10PM (June 5th)
  • Sunday 11AM-4PM (June 6th)

The main Spectrum event contains a huge amount of art, sports, dance, music, food, festivities and other performances (including the magic of Trevor Moore). In fact, I think this post has been tagged with the most categories a single post has ever received. The following is a list of stage performers (which are free, by the way):

Friday, June 4th

4:00 – 4:45 – German Harmony Band
5:00 – 5:45 – Amy Nelson
5:45 – 6:30 – The Magic of Trevor Moore
6:30 – 8:00 – Scott Ward – Hypnotist
8:15 – 9:15 – Kool Ray and the Hip Kats

Saturday, June 5th

11:30 – Amy Nelson
12:00 – Walk a Mile in her Shoes
12:30 – Amy Nelson
1:00 – Medicine Hat’s Got Talent
2:00 – Dance Connection
3:00 – Master’s Extreme Makeover
4:30 – 5:30 – The Straight Jackets
5:30 – 6:30 – Blacksmith Jones
6:45 – 7:45 – The Magic of Trevor Moore
8:00 – 10:00 – Jazz – Lyle Rebbeck

Sunday, June 6th

12:00 – Gas Town Riot
1:00 – Medicine Hat’s Got Talent
2:00 – Dance Connection
3:00 – Quintet

Besides performances, there’s also a ton of other activities and events to keep you busy: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

I didn’t know what to think when I went to Mucho Burrito for the first time. You mean there’s rice in a burrito traditionally? What? Wait? Where’s the ground beef? It’s pulled steak meat instead? Hmm…

The overall feeling of the restaurant is more of a “authentic” Mexican meal. The things you would normally expect from a fast food taco/burrito joint you will not find here, including Mexi fries – those are replaced with nachos. Right now, Mucho Burrito and El Taco Loco are the only two places like this in Medicine Hat (that I know of). The ordering counter works on a Subway-esque like system where you get to choose all the toppings you desire. There’s a variety of sizes of burritos including Pequeño (10″), Medio (12″) or Mucho XL. I have got the Medio each time and left pretty full every time – I don’t think I could ever finish a Mucho XL. There’s tons of other choices though including quesadillas, tacos, salad/taco bowls, and more. Most choices are grill-pressed which adds that nice little touch of compactness while in your hands and fingers.

The last time I went, I tried the new “Smother” option on my burrito. The burrito is dressed with Mucho southwest tomato sauce, topped with cheese and sour cream or Burrito sauce. You need to eat this thing with a fork… it’s pretty messy but definitely a good choice. Each time I’ve went the taste and flavor has been getting better and better because I have refined my options and choices each time to make the perfect burrito that I like. For example, I first went with cilantro (minty) and some beans (pasty) but found I don’t like those flavors combined. Overall, it’s a good, different, experience and look forward to going there many times to come.

View Mucho Burrito’s current menu

Yesterday the majority of the Medicine Hat Media crew decided to try something different for our semi-weekly dinner out. We wanted to get away from the chain restaurants and the local restaurants that we return to so often and try something new. Enter El Taco Loco: a downtown delight located on 3rd Street next to Tim Hortons. El Taco Loco is about as close to genuine Mexican food you can get to in Medicine Hat, and is it ever delicious!

The menu at El Taco Loco offers breakfast and regular menus and ranges between about $5 and $12 in price. For less than what a fast food meal would cost, you can get the regular taco meal, which comes with beef or chicken and vegetables that you wrap up in tortillas. For a bit more, you can get the El Taco Loco, their signature dish, which comes with much more than the regular meal and a side dish.

Spice is a big thing at El Taco Loco. With ordering a meal, you basically choose between hot or not. If you order hot, there is a wide array of popular soft drinks to douse the flames in your mouth. Desserts are also available and the Baklava in particular is almost to die for.

More than just a restaurant, El Taco Loco also servers as an international food store of sorts. You can pick up some items that would might otherwise be hard to find, ranging from sauces and noodles to candy.

If you are looking for something new, local, affordable and delicious, check out El Taco Loco, located down 3rd Street next to Tim Hortons.

“Oh, the sandwiches!” was the first thing I said when Taylor and I first got some home style sandwiches made to order at Reg’s. Two years later, we still go back just for the sandwiches.

Reg’s offers customers more than just delicious homemade sandwiches and soups. A huge selection of deli meats is also offered, along with refrigerated meats and pre-prepared meals (including jerky), and an assortment of drinks. The deli has a few chairs and tables for deli-goers to sit at while enjoying their meals, or while waiting for their orders.

For an awesome local lunch menu, visit Reg’s at #2 – 12 Sierra Drive Southwest.

I know it is a bit late, but we decided to this post as a wrap up to eating out and our restaurant picks of 2009. Just in time for 2009 tax season though! This is also a follow-up to our original post, Best Restaurants of 2008 – Top 5 which also builds on a poll we ran in 2009, Input Needed: Best Restaurants of 2009. Because of the timing, we won’t do a poll this year, but hopefully we will for 2010. – Vaughn

Moxie’s Classic Grill – Sean’s Pick #1

Moxie’s is much like the other chain restaurants in town. They have reasonably priced food and their service is usually top-notch. I have had a few dishes from Moxie’s, but now I generally center on the steak sandwiches, which is why I have included Moxie’s in this post! I get steak sandwiches at least once from every restaurant I go to, and Moxie’s has the best (with Original Joe’s as a close competitor). If you are as satisfied by a steak sandwich as I am, head on over to Moxie’s, just be sure to order the steak as medium rare for full flavour.

Dublin’s Pub – Vaughn’s Pick #1

I originally wanted to mix it up a bit, but then, I didn’t. I’ve recently eaten at a lot of new places, but now that it’s 2010, they don’t exactly qualify, and furthermore, they just aren’t as good as my all time favourite anyways. While Dublin’s Pub doesn’t exactly win any points for best looking interior or atmosphere, although they have done some recent tweaks that have made it look much better – that’s not why it’s my favourite, in fact, it probably doesn’t even factor in. While atmosphere is important sometimes, the best burger I’ve ever had trumps aesthetics in my mind. I’ve had quite a lot from their menu until I stumbled upon the Danny Devil’s Burger which is a home-made hamburger patty topped with 2 types of cheese, barbecue sauce, tomato and lettuce.

Read our full review on Dublin’s Pub (by Sean)

Pasta-bilities – Taylor’s Pick

Cheap, fast, and delicious. These are the words that best describe the lunch spot that is Pasta-bilities. Although the menu is limited to pasta of the day and not much else, as a lactose-intolerant and a self-proclaimed picky eater I have yet to be disappointed in any meal from this restaurant. Even if you can’t make it there during your lunch break you can buy authentic Italian food from the restaurant to cook at home. The next time you want a change for lunch visit Pasta-bilities, and listen to the Italian music over a dish of hot, fresh pasta.

Read our full review on Pasta-bilities (by Sean)

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

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