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Medicine Hat College Visual Communications students will be exhibiting their work from April 9-17, 2011 at Medicine Hat College Centennial Hall. The exhibition is open daily from 9:00am – 4:30pm. The reception is being held Saturday, April 9th at 7:00pm.

For those unfamiliar with Medicine Hat:Rip Off - 2011 Visual Communications Grade Show

  • Medicine Hat College
  • 299 College Dr. SE
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta

“This year’s graduating exhibition for Visual Communications students is an examination, exploration and exploitation into the social, moral, and ethical implications of the business of repurposing these axiomatic brands and compositions. The magnifying lens is on how often and how pervasively our culture uses and reuses images and brands for their own purpose.” Nelson Yuen – Instructor

For more information, please contact

Photo by Debbie Holick (Medicine Hat News)

Photo by Debbie Holick (Medicine Hat News)

On Thursday last week, I partook in the watching of some very fine theatre produced by the Community Theatre Arts Centre (CTAC) and directed by Amber Krause. As previously mentioned in my auditions post, I was quite surprised that this show was being taken on locally. Evil Dead, to most, is a cheesy horror flick that has just the right amount of humour and tongue-in-cheek attitude to set it up for a cult status among B-movie and horror buffs. The musical follows this same directive, but plays it up a bit more, especially with the references to the Evil Dead movies, Bruce Campbell (main actor in the movies), and Sam Raimi (director of the movies). You don’t necessarily have to be the hugest fan of Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness to enjoy this musical, in fact, you might not even need to see the original movies to enjoy it – but it sure makes it funnier if you have.

I don’t really like musicals. But, when it’s Evil Dead, I love them. What I am trying to say is I loved the Evil Dead: The Musical. This show is hilarious, and also quite lewd – which may make it funnier. There’s plenty of cursing, sexual references, and blood/gore. This truly is a musical for people that don’t like musicals. Speaking of blood, the first 2 rows of seating are named aptly named, “Splatter Zone” because all the people that buy those tickets get splashed and sprayed with blood (it’s real blood too, but not really). The musical deviates quite a lot from the original story telling, and weirdly enough, feature more similarities to Army of Darkness (the last of the movies), especially with all the one-liners – but that’s not a bad thing either.

The musical played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week, now the same schedule is on for this week. I heard there’s not many tickets left, for some of the dates this week, so make sure you grab them quickly. You can grab tickets online at or by calling, Della Jesse at 403-502-3477. The ticket prices range from $29-$35 depending on the circumstances.

CTAC Website

Video by the Medicine Hat News:

Twenty five years ago, I bet we were all watching Top Gun and wondering if Oprah was ever going to make it. Sports fans watched the Mets win the World Series (do you remember Bill Buckner?) and millions of Americans lined up for Hands Across America.

Al Capone’s vault was opened (spoiler alert … nothing was in it), Pixar opened its now-famous animation studios and we saw Halley’s Comet. And closer to home, the Friends of Medalta Society was formed on the heels of Medalta gaining National Historic Site status.

2011 is a pretty big year for us. We managed to rescue Medalta from the wrecking ball and have turned it into a museum, contemporary ceramic artists’ centre and production pottery studio.

It’s our twenty-fifth anniversary this year (and ninety nine years since the building was built).

This month’s newsletter also features news from a lot of Medicine Hat’s cultural community, including The Hive, The Esplanade, The Monarch Theatre, Inspire Gallery, Studio and (soon) Cafe and Medicine Hat’s folk music scene.

We’re always looking for content so if you know of something we should be including, email Quentin the info and we’ll do our best to include it.



Susan Knight, will be having an exhibition tonight (December 10th) at 7:00PM at The Hive Artist’s Hub for her new show entitled “UNDER THE INFLUENCE”. The show will be running from today until January 15th if you are not able to make it. I already took a sneak-peek at the artwork and it was really quite interesting. There’s also a couple samples of the artwork on her site. Here’s a little bit more about Susan and her work:

Susan Knight is a self-taught photographer and digital artist. She lives and works in Medicine Hat, AB where she specializes in interpretive self-portraiture. In addition to her natural creative flair, Susan has found that her formal training as an interior designer and architectural experience enhances her ability to express herself though her art and allows her to bring a unique eye to commissioned works.

Susan’s current primary project, “In the Style of…”, is a study of the construction of personal and artistic identity through style. Using the media of costume, make-up, backdrop, and her own form, each image is thoroughly researched, meticulously plotted and digitally enhanced to create a work that is completely new yet also true to the style of selected greats from the history of portrait artistry. Through these images, the viewer can see a familiar face transform under the artist’s touch and how the artist’s craft claims and forms the subject yet works to reveal the true, constant character lurking beneath the surface.

Great line-up at the Espy.

From 11:00am – 3:00pm on Saturday, September 18, the Historic Clay District is holding a fundraiser while making the museum, Squared Gallery and Shaw Centre open to the public at no charge. All proceeds from this event will go directly to Friends of Medalta Society. Food and refreshments will also be available.

For Alberta Arts Days 2010, some of Medicine Hat’s potters have come together to create bowls and figurines which visitors will be able to glaze before being fired in a raku kiln. Raku is a historical pottery technique that originated in Japan. The pots are heated up to 1,000 degrees celsius relatively quickly (45 minutes). Once the pots reach this temperature they are taken from the kiln and plunged into combustible material such as sawdust. This produces smoke that reacts with the glaze to create truly unique surfaces that highlight the mysterious marks of the fire.

The costs of this event have been generously covered by Cancarb Ltd. and Crescent Heights Safeway. Historic Clay District Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator is pleased with the community support. “Events like this really showcase the support we have in the community. Whether it is Medicine Hat’s potters coming together to volunteer their time to create pots or organizations like Cancarb and Safeway who are happy to help us with our fundraisers, we have a strong network of people dedicated to seeing the Historic Clay District come to life.” THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

This exciting project will challenge artists to create small portraits of the city of Medicine Hat in less than a day!

Our goal: With a limited timeline to promote spontaneity and adventure and through a variety of mediums and approaches, we will create a rich and diverse collection of artwork. Artists will capture the character and personality of various aspects of the city such as its residents, city streets, parks, architecture, unique landscape and much more.

Twenty artists will be accepted to participate. Artists working in drawing, painting, photography and video mediums will be best suited to the project. Artwork will be for sale and exhibited in the gallery for 8 weeks.

The Artists Gathering

A Day in the Life begins at 9am on Saturday September 11th We will begin the day with a discussion about the city and its history. All artists will be invited to speak briefly about their own connections to the city. This discussion will serve to motivate and invigorate participants. Artists so often work alone in studios and on location so this type of gathering is important for us to experience. It allows artists to compare and contrast our creative approaches and ideas. (Sept 11th is also the Santa Claus Toy Run downtown. This may provide some very interesting opportunities for the artists to capture intriguing images) THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

pARTy on 2nd!

pARTy on 2nd!

This is one of those art events you don’t want to miss out on, taking place during Alberta Art Days, is “pARTy on 2nd” which will be featuring art from Stephanie Dalla-Longa, Tobie Laliberte, Dusty Melling and myself within Inspire Studio & Gallery; however, that is just a sample of the events taking place. pARTy on 2nd takes place on Friday, September 17th from 7:00PM to 10:00pm.

From the Facebook event:

You are invited to celebrate Alberta Arts Days! Brought to you by the CCDA, Framing and Art Centre, the Hive Artists’ Hub, Inspire Studio & Gallery, Struck Gallery (formerly Sandfly Gallery & Gifts) and the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre. There will be food, refreshments and live music by local muscians. You are encouraged to walk from location to location. The fun will continue at the ‘After PARTy!’ from 10:00pm to midnight. Find out where at the participating galleries.

Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre is featuring an opening reception for local artist Evelyn Kleis and Lyndal Osborne. Artists comments at 7:30pm.

Framing and Art Centre is featuring photography by Bruce J. Dynes and more.

The Hive Artists’ Hub is featuring a ‘Group Show’, new work by the artists of the Hive.

Inspire Studio & Gallery is featuring ‘Relationships’ artwork by Stephanie Dalla-Longa, Tobie Laliberte, Dusty Melling and Vaughn Royko.

Struck Gallery (formerly Sandfly Gallery & Gifts) is featuring ‘Portrait of a City Project: A Day in the Life of Medicine Hat.

Download Poster PDF

Facebook Event

Down Right Crafty - Indie Craft Fair

Saturday, August 28th – 10am to 4pm – BATUS Park
(downtown on the corner of the 500 block of 2nd Street SE)

This is not your mama’s craft show, we’ve got unique items you wouldn’t find at most traditional craft shows. Featuring the handmade wares of crafters from Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Calgary and surrounding area. You’ll find amazing jewelry, clothing, plush items, handmade beauty products, accessories, fine art and more!

There will be a Kids Craft Corner and free lemonade, so bring the whole family and end your summer on a high note!

For more information or to book a table visit

Bowling Invite Correction

*UPDATE* This event is taking place on the 25th, not the 24th as posted.

Below is the invite description for this very unique and interesting event:

Enjoy a glass of your favorite tipple with the city’s creative community – media workers, artists, photographers and musicians – as well as special guests for an afternoon of lawn bowling and music starting at 2 p.m. on July 25 at the Medicine Hat Lawn Bowling Club.

Invitees are encouraged to bring their best dish, musical instrument or work of art to share. This is a rain or shine event with entertainment inside the club house if the weather turns foul. Kitchen facilities and barbecue will be available. Lawn bowling lessons provided free of charge. Admission is by way of a small donation to the Medicine Hat Lawn Bowling Club.

Dress whites optional.
For more info call 403-979-1463

I have always wanted to learn how to play lawn bowling… So whether you are a reporter, tv/radio host, photographer, artist, musician or any other type of media worker, stop by with some food and drinks, and well, play some lawn bowling, or maybe a little bit of croquet?

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