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PART 3 of my 2 part series (WATT) What Are They Thinking ?

The other day I was driving near the hospital when I came up on the parking Monitor van.  It was double parked, completely blocking the lane in the direction I was going.  There was a person writing a parking ticket near  the van. I can only assume that the issuance of a parking infraction was the reason for blocking the road and forcing me into the oncoming lane to pass the Parking Monitor van.

Is it just me, or should the people handing out $50.00 parking tickets…  park properly themselves?

Part 2 of my 738 part series (WATT?) What Are They Thinking?

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) has banned the sale of beers with alcohol content of more than 11.9 per cent because of possible binge drinking. Not liquor or spirits that are generally of a  higher alcohol content, only some specific beers.

Really? What binge drinker or out of control alcoholic is going out buying $114.00 a bottle Sam Adams Utopias?

Free the HopsI don’t know what the normal government process is, but it seems odd that they can just ban products without any legislation or ability to appeal. It appears to be a quicker process than the rest of their business dealings. At any rate, they’ve decided that we can’t be trusted with a Belgian Black or a Doppelbock. Thanks Mom!

The AGLC suspended sales of these beers until a report can determine whether they factor in binge drinking. That report will likely be presented to the AGLC board next spring. Beers under the ban can remain in stores until they are purchased but can’t be re-stocked until the AGLC makes a final decision.

If you have a problem with this regulation, you can direct your concerns to Andrea Kicia, supervisor of product and pricing, liquor supply and distribution for the AGLC –

This is the first in my 72 part series that I’m calling What Are They Thinking? (WATT)

This story is from April of 2000.  I find the arguments, from ten years ago against naming so many streets similarly were very coherent concerns.



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