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The Medicine Hat Vital Signs 2009 project has been completed and packaged up for the public to see.

As Vaughn explained in the previous Vital Signs article, Medicine Hat Vital Signs is a community “check up” that measures and assigns ratings in the community. The information was taken in by completing a survey on the Vital Signs website.

The final 28 page booklet, which was designed by Hide Away Studios Inc., includes statistical information population, education, police and security services, environment, plus much more, including an honourable mention to Medicine Hat Media on Page 23.

Check out the PDF here (7.2 MB)

Medicine Hat residents will have an opportunity to gather and discuss the findings of Medicine Hat’s Vital Signs 2009 on Thursday, October 8th.

The Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta presents “A Community Conversation” at Chinook Village’s Terrace Room from 7:00 – 8:30 AM on October 8th. The event will give area residents a chance to review and evaluate the findings of the report.

“Each year, Medicine Hat’s Vital Signs has spurred many conversations amongst residents about life in our city,” said Community Foundation executive director Mike Christie. “Our breakfast conversation is important because it leads to discussions that help shape the way the Community Foundation approaches the findings in the report.” THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

The Vital Signs survey, as presented by the Community Foundation has been officially launched today, and can be taken here. From the survey website:

Medicine Hat’s Vital Signs is a community “check-up” being conducted by the Community Foundation of Medicine Hat & South Eastern Alberta. The process measures and assigns ratings in core areas of community life. These areas are measured through critical indicators and give a quantitative view of the quality of life in our city.

This voluntary survey will provide you with the statistical findings of this research for each of the critical indicators. The purpose of the survey is to collect your feedback on how you feel Medicine Hat is doing in these areas.

The website explains that it will take around 30 minutes to complete, which is pretty accurate, but only because some of the ways they explain the points is strange and confusing. The rating system is really strange too… it was hard to make sense of anything for the first while. For example, the best option/rating that you can give something is entitled “We’re the tops! Awesome!”, like what does that even mean – It doesn’t even apply to most things? I made sure to comment on this at the end.

That aside, I think it’s a great service for locals to voice their opinions through numbers and comments (there is a place to make comments on each page) to help better the city of Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat Vital Signs 2009 Survey Website



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