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The Medicine Hat ghoulish Zombie Walk is gearing up for another brain and bone eating prowl. The walk last year generated some 80 or so blood sucking creeps, and 2009 expects to be even more.

My zombie valentine for Taylor

My zombie valentine for Taylor

On Saturday, September 12, around 11:00 AM at Veteran’s Park by City Hall, the dead will rise and crawl along a preset path of mayhem. Do not be shy about joining, everyone is welcome. Simply don your scariest outfit, maybe gnaw off your arm for added effect, and show up.

I missed out on the Zombie Walk last year from being out of town, and will miss out on it this year for the same reason, but to make up for it and for everyone’s viewing pleasure, I included my zombie themed Valentine to Taylor in this post. Click the thumbnail on the side to view it.

More information and coordination efforts can be found on the Medicine Hat Zombie Walk Facebook group



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