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Some Medicine Hat residents may have seen this one of a kind vehicle driving around for the better part of the last 6 years, but the time has come to sell my lime green Neon.

1995 Lime Green Neon

1995 Lime Green Neon

As it is 16 years old, this Neon has been through a lot, but has always been very reliable as far as vehicles go. I have personally owned it since 2002, and before that, my sister had owned it for an additional 3.5 years. It has always been well taken care of, lubricated, fluids topped up and washed. There is a miniscule amount of rust on the car and more recently the hood and roof have begun to fade and the clear coat has begun to peel. Additionally, the clutch assembly has recently begun to decline in performance and shifting can be difficult at times. The Neon was checked out at Big Al’s Auto repair Ltd. in Lethbridge, who reported that the clutch assembly may continually decline in performance, but it will not entirely stop working. The Neon is currently located in Lethbridge.

Some info about the Neon:

  • Lime green in colour
  • Manufactured in 1995
  • Reliable, usually starts without worry in winter
  • No luxuries (power windows, power locks, cruise control, air conditioning)
  • Manual transmission
  • Clear coat paint is starting to peel, very little rust
  • Clutch assembly performance slowly declining
  • Tires are 2 years old
  • 235,000 kilometers with an engine rebuild that occured at 85,000 kilometers
The Neon "Chariot"

The Neon “Chariot”

As this is a sort of epitaph for the Neon, here are some memories:

  • Was Taylor’s “chariot” for her graduation
  • Drove to 3 Bad Religion shows and a handful of other Punk shows
  • Taught Vaughn how to drive manual transmission in it
  • Was the main vehicle for carting around my drum set when my band, Minus Shamos, was more active.

If you are interested in the Neon, check out the Kijiji page by clicking here.

Most people do not have an air compressor and most people probably neglect their vehicles maintenance, even the simple things like filling their tires up when they get low. Fortunately, most gas stations in town also have air pumps. Some are good, some are not. Quick access to air pumps that I have used can be found at the following places:

  • Fas Gas – One on Dunmore Road and one on Kingsway Ave SE
  • Co-op Gas Bar – Dunmore Road
  • Husky – Trans-Canada Highway (More suitable for semi’s or bigger vehicles.)
  • 7-11 – Carry Drive (Often has leaks in the hose, but as a last resort, it will serve.)
  • Southridge Mohawk – 13th and Strachan Road (Somewhat weak pump in my experience.)

I dislike driving behind or beside people who have more-or-less flat tires. It is bad for safety and mileage, so fill those tires up!



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