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Monday, March 28th - Whiskey Creek Pub

Monday, March 28th - Whiskey Creek Pub

Punk or punk-ish shows in the city are far and few between, but that’s not really the cities fault, but more indicative of the genre’s popularity as of late. Tough Guys and Girls Cry, all the way from Tofino, British Columbia are ready to rock Medicine Hat with local punk band, The Social Threat. I haven’t listened to The Social Threat before tonight, but wow, they remind me of the good ol’ days of punk music and kind of sound like early Dag Nasty, Pulley or something I can’t quite put my finger on. Tough Guys and Girls Cry are a bit more indie-rockish-punkish that kind of remind me of some of the post punk and progressive stuff that punk bands were doing during the 80’s (Bad Religion, Into the Unknown style).

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