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On Saturday, November 28, Taylor and I went to the Three Days Grace show opened by The Used and Default at The Medicine Hat Arena. Overall it was a good show and one of the few non-punk rock shows I have been to.

Default is a fairly good band, and it being the first time I have heard them since about 2003, I enjoyed their performance except for the fact that the lead guitarist, Jeremy Hora, looked very apathetic. It looked like he could care less that he was in front of a thousand people. Luckily Default’s bass player, Dave Benedict, who bore a striking resemblance to Liam Neeson, used his Qui-Gon Jin Force powers to get the crowd pumped for the upcoming acts.

The Used probably had the best stage presence of the 3 bands in terms of engaging the audience, but that fact was dampened by the lackluster lead singer, Bert McCracken, who kept calling everyone in the crowd a “little bitch” and saying he was going to “F— everyone in the crowd.” I looked around at the crowd and realized the show was All Ages, so I imagine the very young impressionable minds ate it up and the older crowd must have thought “What kind of a show is this?” In addition, although the music itself sounded good, it was nearly impossible to hear Bert McCracken’s voice over the roar of the instruments.

Three Days Grace, who I have not listened to since their first CD, put on a great performance. I found myself pretty stoked to see them, especially their drummer, Neil Sanderson. Being a drummer myself, I usually fixate on the drums during any band performance. I found Neil Sanderson’s technique quite interesting if for no other reason than he most often keeps time with his left hand on a right handed kit. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Three Days Grace - Image from

Three Days Grace - Image from

There’s a lot of big names coming through Medicine Hat lately, is this a sign of our city growing up?

Either way, Three Days Grace with guests The Used will be playing at the Arena in just over a month’s time on November 28th, 2009 (7PM). Although I’m not a huge fan of Three Days Grace myself, but their newest video (shown below) is pretty sweet; albeit, a bit lame in some ways. They are also a hugely successful rock band with tons of radio hits. Their last released album, “Life Starts Now” sold more than 6 million worldwide which is a nice accomplishment for the Canadian rock band from Norwood, Ontario.

The Used on the other hand are an American post-hardcore (punk/rock/emo for the laymen) band that is touring to promote their newest album, “Artwork” which was released on August 31st, 2009. It’s quite odd for me listing The Used as a guest considering they are definitely the more popular band and have also achieved Gold and Platinum statuses in more than six countries worldwide. I also quite enjoy their music.

Tickets are $44.50 (floor) or $39.50 (seats) or, supposedly, you can get a VIP package for this event. What that means, I have no idea, but it will cost you $250.00 or $175.00. Call 403-502-8777 for more details on those.

Uh oh, is this another semi-positive article about a non-My96FM event? Sound the Kim Johnston alarms! I kid, I kid. Some people will know what I am talking about.

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