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SNFU - March 10

SNFU - March 10

SNFU, another classic Canadian punk rock band, is scheduled to return to our city on Wednesday March 10th, this time to rock the infamous Royal Hotel. On top of their always entertaining performance, they will be showing an exclusive screening of the new documentary Open Your Mouth And Say… Mr. Chi Pig, an in depth look at SNFU’s colourful frontman. If you’re not familiar with Chi Pig, he’s well-known in the punk rock community for his theatrical style show, full of obscure props and costumes. He is truly one of Canada’s best performers and stills rock harder than most bands half his age.

Tickets for the show are $15 (only available at the door), with a door time of 6PM. Joining SNFU are BDFM from Calgary and Medicine Hat’s own hardcore outfit Helltrack.

(Warning: The following trailer has some coarse language)


Dayglo Abortions

A match made in heaven, Dayglo Abortions, the Grandfathers of Canadian Punk Rock, will be rocking The Royal on Wednesday, September 30 with BDFM (Calgary) and locals Common Enemy and The Finishers.

Since their formation in 1979, Dayglo Abortions have had their fair share of media scrutiny with controversial album artwork and titles such as Feed Us A Fetus & Corporate Whores (plus many others much too vulgar for this site). In 1988, the courts attempted to prosecute the band for possession with intent to distribute of obscene materials, but Dayglo was found not guilty.

Controversy aside, they always put on great show, full of humour, beer and a good dose of vulgarity, much like any night at the good ‘ol Royal!

Doors open for the keeners at 6PM, tickets are $12.

Dayglo Abortions on Myspace
BDFM on Myspace



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