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The Garage is a local pub and eatery in Medicine Hat that is located at 710 Gershaw Drive SW.

Their menu is really interesting and often places a twist on the name of common items to something more automotive, although this may fall short on someone that is not automotively inclined. For instance, the menu has a section called “Nuts and Bolts”, and in that section something called “Extra Fluids” is offered. I am not sure what it means specifically. Does it mean condiments? Chasers for drinks? A little extra in your drink? I have no idea.

Aside from the menu being a little vague at times, a plentiful number of dishes and drinks are available for hungry customers at a decent price. The aesthetic of the building, as one might guess, is a building that used to be a garage. As such, the garage doors can open up during summer and allow patrons and servers to go between the building and patio with ease. An additional benefit is that the patio faces away from a westering sun, so once it begins to set, it will not blind patio goers.

In my few times at the Garage, it has never been so busy that there is not a table available. This is a huge upside as many other chain restaurants, such as Boston Pizza or Original Joes are usually overflowing.

Check out The Garage for a good local pub with equally good prices.



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