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Most people do not have an air compressor and most people probably neglect their vehicles maintenance, even the simple things like filling their tires up when they get low. Fortunately, most gas stations in town also have air pumps. Some are good, some are not. Quick access to air pumps that I have used can be found at the following places:

  • Fas Gas – One on Dunmore Road and one on Kingsway Ave SE
  • Co-op Gas Bar – Dunmore Road
  • Husky – Trans-Canada Highway (More suitable for semi’s or bigger vehicles.)
  • 7-11 – Carry Drive (Often has leaks in the hose, but as a last resort, it will serve.)
  • Southridge Mohawk – 13th and Strachan Road (Somewhat weak pump in my experience.)

I dislike driving behind or beside people who have more-or-less flat tires. It is bad for safety and mileage, so fill those tires up!

Car washing is buckets (of water) of fun and I am usually pretty consistent, though not to the extreme, with keeping the outside of my car clean.

It is not uncommon to see dirty vehicles driving around with the archetypal “Wash Me” rubbed out on the windows, so luckily there are a lot of car washes in town to remedy that. Often times you can also see people around town doing car wash fundraising as well, so that is an alternative.

Car washes can not only be utilized to clean your car, but also if you park outside throughout the winter season, you can use the hot water to melt off all the built up snow, ice and mud. This is particularly good if you have a lot of ice built up in the treads of your wheels. If the treads are filled up with ice, there is not much friction to stop with, just the weight of the car, brakes and gravity. Sliding through intersections is not really ideal.

The two car washes I go to most often are Crestwood Coin Carwash, located on Dunmore, by Sushi Miso, and Southridge Mohawk, located on 13th and Strachan Road. Both offer hot water, soap, wax, foam brushes and vacuums. The bays are almost always very clean and if there is a line, it generally is not too long of a wait. But of course, do not even think about going in the middle of a hot Saturday unless you want to wait for a long time.

Some other car washes in town include:

  • Clean Machine Car Care – Dunmore (includes an automated wash)
  • South West Carwash – 9th Ave SW (lots of heavier vehicles go through, caked with mud, and the owner seems to get mad if you are waiting for her to clean the bay out)
  • Saamis Heights Car Wash – Sierra Drive SW
  • Kingsway Esso – Kingsway Ave SE



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