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Value Village is a second hand store that has many locations across the country, but Medicine Hat’s seems to be separated from the others I have visited in terms of items that can be found.

The store is first and foremost a center for donated and used clothing for all shapes, sizes and ages, but along with that, they also sell housewares, tools, electronic media (televisions, radios, computer monitors), seasonal items (Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations), footwear, and other random assortments that float in and out of the store like chairs and couches, exercise equipment, benches, desks. Some of their seasonal items are not second-hand like their Halloween costume selection.

Value Village Logo

Value Village Logo

Some rarer and interesting items I have seen in the store include a Burka, designer belts and purses, original print books, very nice picture frames, digital cameras, collectibles of all kinds, original series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pillow case (currently in use by me), Vaughn had also found some other Ninja Turtle pillow cases which he briefly used – We are totally rad. Most of the collectibles and more expensive items are located at the front of the store in a glass cabinet – It’s interesting to see expensive or collectible items that people tossed unknowingly.

Donations can be made, which can be left around the back facade, but also probably imports clothing and objects for resale from bigger centers.

Discounts are commonplace within the store. Some days will see days with a certain % off, other days will see progressive % off days (10% increments with every passing hour).

Value Village can be located at 1368 Trans Canada Way SE.

The Post is a non-profit, second-hand store located in Downtown Medicine Hat that primarily focuses on clothing and furniture. All proceeds that are made go to Metal Health organizations and The Post is primarily staffed by volunteers, some with health conditions who are getting experience to get back on their feet and perhaps find their way into the work-field. They usually have a wide selection of clothing for all ages and sizes and at least a dozen couches, chairs or tables at any time.

Other objects that can be found include lamps, footwear, sporting and fitness equipment, sometimes video games, board games, televisions and computer monitors and much more. They also offer a small section of VHS, DVD and CDs.

Some cool finds I have seen in the store include a bow and arrow set (which I accidentally broke and then fixed) and a couple archaic Sega Genesis games in their original factory sealed packaging which Vaughn bought (and were worth 3 or 4 times the amount he paid, I think).

Donations can be made in front of the store, which can be identified by the usual overflowing bins by the doorway.

The Post can be found at 410 South Railway Street SE.

Over the 5 or so years that Vaughn and I have lived in Medicine Hat, we have made a number of trips to the pawn shops of Medicine Hat. Two noteworthy shops include King of Trade and Mr. and Mrs. Pawn. I cannot count how much time (and money) I have spent in these places, let alone what Vaughn has spent.

King of Trade is an upscale second hand store in downtown Medicine Hat, and they have everything.

Their merchandise ranges from the typical stuff you would find in most pawn shops, like old board and video games, VHS and DVD movies, appliances and tools, to more extravagant items like full band instruments, including drums, guitars (acoustic and electric), some horns, amps, etc. Lots of televisions and cameras (both analog and digital), and a multitude of provincial, territorial and country flags.

Some other more rarer finds I have seen there have included a Sai, Templar Daggers, Scorpion Daggers, other types of swords/weapons, high end paintball guns and rare Nintendo and Super Nintendo games (usually purchased by Vaughn).

King of Trade is definitely the place to go if you are looking for cheap videos, flags, or any common thing you might find cheaper than anywhere else.

King of Trade is located at 645 3rd Street SE.

Mr. and Mrs. Pawn is a pawn shop located in downtown Medicine Hat that has more recently joined into one store (previously being two stores separated by a music store), and they have a wide array of this and that.

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