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Scatterheart will be back in Medicine Hat rocking the Ottoman Lounge Sunday, May 2nd (tomorrow) at 8pm. $10 cover at the door. Don’t miss this show, it’s going to be amazing!

Scatterheart was previously posted about on our Scatterheart is Back and Scatterheart Live Tomorrow posts. A little bit more on the band and their high-energy style:

Scatterheart is starting a revolution! Armed to the teeth with LOVE, FEATHERS, and GREAT SONGWRITING they are fighting to make Rock n Roll fun again. “There’s no reason you can’t leave a rock show feeling happy!”, says Scatterheart lead singer Jesse Enright. “I spent my teen years in the rave scene dancing to great DJs and I was amazed by the amount of energy a room full of people can create… Love is powerful. With Scatterheart I wanted to create the same experience and energy, but with a live rock show!”

And that energy is building. Already known in Western Canada for their colorful ‘Love Rock’ shows that leave audiences sweaty and satisfied, the band is excited to take their new album ‘The Masterplan’ on the road and recruit more fans. “The energy when I’m playing with Scatterheart is the craziest thing I’ve ever felt.”, says guitarist Doug Fury. Fury, who toured for 10 years with Canadian rock goddess Bif Naked, is no stranger to huge venues and big crowds but insists that this is something different. “I feel like we have created a high energy, huge rock show, but with a positive vibe! We try to give our audience the excitement that existed in 70’s and 80’s arena rock. Where has the personality gone in Rock n Roll? We want to bring it back!”

Scatterheart isn’t afraid to take chances. The band loves the unexpected and their audience practically demands it now. It’s all about handstands during guitar solos, bubbles instead of pyro, and feathers instead of jeans and t-shirts. It’s powerful Love Rock delivered in a classy way, and by the end of the show the crowd screams… “SCATTERHEART LOVES ME”. Well, of course they do.

Scatterheart last performed at the Ottoman Lounge a couple months ago and it looks like they are back for more. This time they will be playing on Friday, October 16th starting at 9:30PM at the Ottoman Lounge again. I should also mention that they were in the Medicine Hat even before that on their tour with Bif Naked. After the last show, a local blogger and avid-music-listener type of fellow, Chris did a couple blog posts on his site about the band and his experience with them at their last show which were an interesting read. Scatterheart, the band themselves, even did a full video blog about the Ottoman Lounge and their experience in Medicine Hat (video below) – talk about dedication!

Last Night’s Scatterheart Concert (via Toxic TuneZ)
Facebook Event
Official Website
Scatterheart @ MySpace

Scatterheart via MySpace

Scatterheart via MySpace

Scatterheart are a high-energy rock band coming out of Vancouver and will be playing at The Ottoman Lounge tomorrow night (July 17th) at 10PM. The cover, $5, seems pretty cheap for an act like this. Scatterheart usually performs with a crazy stage presence act which includes dancing and costumes. They were recently touring with Bif Naked but are stopping by Medicine Hat again for this show (and many other cities across Canada). Much of their music reminds me of another Canadian rock band, Robin Black – they share that certain “glam rock” sound. View their new video single, “Beautiful” after the jump.

Location: The Ottoman Lounge
Where: 502 South Railway St. SE.
Cover: $5
When: Friday, July 17th
Start Time: 10PM

Facebook Event
Scatterheart @ MySpace
Official Website

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