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A recent fascination I have had is businesses for sale in Medicine Hat. I started looking into this when I saw a couple search keywords come to Medicine Hat Media for this resource; however, we don’t really have anything on it. Well… that is until this post anyways.

I took a look on the web to see if I could find a resource out there for this specific need. I found quite a few bland and “spammy” directories, but then I stumbled upon the search option on my favourite realty site,, previously mentioned in this post – which actually, eventually found me my first house. It actually offers a search (which goes to a sister site, named for commercial properties.

Below is a specific set of links I made for a couple different searches on the website:

All existing businesses for sale or lease in Medicine Hat

Office spaces for sale or lease in Medicine Hat (can double as a new business location)

Retail locations for sale or lease in Medicine Hat (can double as both business and office)

Land for sale in Medicine Hat

It’s quite interesting reviewing these links from time to time to see what places are selling or even at the prospect of starting up a business or even owning an outside office.

Buying, or even looking for a house in Medicine Hat used to be a daunting task for me, being a first time soon-to-be house owner and all. The total number of local Realty and Realtor sites mixed with directory listing sites for home buying is a mess! There’s so much visual clutter and not enough straight forward, easy to find listings for all houses in Medicine Hat. Searching through each one of hundreds of local Realtor sites is time consuming and usually not helpful at all. I wanted to find all houses for sale in Medicine Hat, no matter which seller.

That was until I found out and did a little research about MLS, which stands for Multiple Listing Service. It’s a convenient technology that allows Realtor and other listing sites to display all houses, condos, duplexes or whatever in your area with every search option imaginable from all Realty companies! Better yet, I found a website that uses this great technology in the most convenient way which even allows you to specify regions within which ever area you want using a Google-esque mapping function. This site is called

To use the most effectively, jump directly to their advanced search page. If you want to use that great mapping functionality I was explaining, go to their find by map section (this link currently points to the middle point of Medicine Hat, you can move around or refine your search). Like I said, there’s tons of search options, some of which are pretty unique like searching for Open Houses, or the 10 different options under “Building Type”. Like I stated before, this includes all local Realty companies such as Club ‘100’ GMAC Real Estate, Royal LePage Community Realty, Maxwell Team Realty, Re/Max Medalta Real Estate, and Century 21 to name the biggest names. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »



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