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A couple weeks ago we were contacted by Rob Sparks of Shaw TV who stumbled across Medicine Hat Media and he so kindly offered to interview us about the website, so of course we took him up on the offer!

We met up with Rob at The Medicine Hat College one afternoon and after setting up his equipment, he asked some questions and filmed Vaughn and I talking about Medicine Hat Media, and after a couple action shots of us typing away on our laptops and some post-interview production, the commercial was ready to air.

Being on TV was one of the sort of milestones that Vaughn and I both share. It is kind of akin to our presence on the Internet, because once you are on either, the possibility is there for an unlimited number of people to view your work. Also, I am not just so cool that I wore my sunglasses during the interview, but in actuality, I asked Rob if I should take them off, as it was sunny, and he said to leave them on.

The commercial airs every now and then on Shaw TV (Channel 10), but thankfully there is YouTube and you do not have to camp out to see it.

Shaw TV

Medicine Hat Media Shaw TV Interview Commercial

You’ve heard right, Medicine Hat Media now officially has a twitter account and is going to be updating it as frequent or more frequently than site updates or posts here. I went through the advanced search function on Twitter to try and find everybody from Medicine Hat to follow,  so don’t mind how we follow so many people (I heard it’s a bad thing to do since people think you’re spamming). I promised a couple posts ago that we would stop using 80/90’s cartoons references and obscure internet dialect in these news-less posts, so this is pretty much the end of it then. Here’s our new badge:

Twitter Badge

Also, for no reason at all, there’s an obligatory 80’s cartoon intro after the jump:

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The newest old Medicine Hat Media logo

The newest old Medicine Hat Media logo

Medicine Hat Media was first came into realization after many days of wondering what to name ourselves in an ongoing discussion between Sean and myself. We eventually settled on “Medicine Hat Media” – it just had a good ring to it, plus it fit our vision of what the site would be. Unknowingly for us, “Medicine Hat Media” was a a physical company before we snagged the .com domain in 2008.

Looking back, we actually already suspected that this domain was being used for some purpose before because we were getting link backs from other Medicine Hat sites that attributed us (or the Medicine Hat Media before us) to website design and development. Through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I was able to take a look at what existed before in two entries:

November 20th, 2004
February 13th, 2005

From what we are able to see (from the portions of the site that still work) it was a graphic and web design company with a team made up of Mike Helton, James Robertson, and Niko Poulopoulos. Where they went or what they did after is a mystery! Judging from their earliest archived site, it seems like they might have been around longer than 2004 too, since they refer to that site as version 2.0. Comment if you have any stories or know anything else about the previous Medicine Hat Media.

We are finally “newage” ! We have mastered technology and the internets! We made a Medicine Hat Media Facebook group. Look for a spammy-facebook-style invite coming soon!

We were just waiting for a large enough user base before making it, and now it is made, so get more fur than any turtle ever had, be more awesome than any biker mice on Mars, be more noble than a pharaoh when Egyptians ruled the world, quit the quack attacks, and join the group. Too many 1990’s cartoon references?

Join the Medicine Hat Media Facebook group here

This is the first post I’ve done of this kind on Medicine Hat Media. Small tweaks and changes over the sites short history were always just done and never commented about. The changes done in this case are more important – or important enough to do a post about.


New Logo

New Logo

Somebody recently asked us for our logo which made us come under the realization that our “logo” was more of just a site header rather than a traditional logo-type that could be used in multiple applications. Which really was bad considering I never do that for any of my projects and I did graduate from the Visual Communication program after all. I was also never satisfied with what I created in the first place – it was just too busy and meaningless for the sites function.

Although I’m traditionally opposed to using the “tipi” imagery since it’s so cliche; I think it speaks more about our site than anything else ever could. I also wanted to add things like “art” and “music” symbolism into the logo but was too busy and maybe was too specific anyways since this site ranges topics a lot more now than it did in the past. So more than anything, this site is about commenting about Medicine Hat – the reference that the speech bubble with the tipi conveys.

Old Site Header

Old Site Header

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