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3rd street effortOutdoor concert with HOODED FANG PARLOVR and GOOSE HUT.

Sunday, June 24th 4:00 – 7:00pm
Riverside Park – next to city hall

Tickets $10 in advance (available at Madhatter Roastery downtown) or $12 at the gate. Get 50% off Medicine Hat Jazz Fest performance with purchase of Pop Off! ticket.

Enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon with three great bands featured in the acclaimed music festival, POP Montreal.

In collaboration with Medicine Hat Jazz Fest this all ages outdoor show is not to be missed! Jazz Fest pass holders get in free!

Hooded Fang brings a melodic tide of scrappy, surf influenced guitar, and 60’s drum breaks, a perfect soundtrack to kick off the summer.

Buzzed for their seizure-inducing live shows, Parlovr has an impressive touring record, playing with Artic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Handsome Furs, Born Ruffians and Tokyo Police Club. A blend of retro surf and soul, nestled within hyper modern pop, Parlovr promises to deliver the heat.

Medicine Hat JazzFest 2009 Logo

Medicine Hat JazzFest 2009 Logo

This year’s Medicine Hat’s own Jazz festival, “Medicine Hat JazzFest” will be taking place from June 19th to the 28th with events happening every day in between. I would first love to congratulate the team that brought together the graphics and design direction for the program booklet, the website, posters, and even the t-shirts – it is really well done and beautifully executed. If anybody knows who did it, I would love to find out.

Anyways, moving right a long, This year’s JazzFest has a crazy amount of events, musicians and gatherings throughout the full 9 days. I was at first going to list them verbatim from the program booklet, but alas, they were really organized and even have an online PDF for your viewing and reading pleasure. I will tell you though that it features more than 30 different events with almost as many different bands or performers.

You can also grab yourself a ticket pass which costs $139, but this allows you to get into every show without a cover charge, so it’s well worth it even if you plan on going to half the events. There’s a couple restrictions though, make sure you read the fine print on the ticket page. If you are really into it, make sure you read through the full program because there is some other events happening not listed in the schedule including events happening at places like Twist, The Ottoman Lounge and Devine to name a very few.

If you are broke, looking for free shows or just don’t like supporting local and national music for some reason (for shame!), there is also plenty of no charge events going on as well. More notably in this category, is the Vespa Youth Stage which will be a free BBQ as well as feature music by plenty of local young talents in the city including Jess Dollimont. This one will take place at Riverside Bandshell First St. S.E. (across from City Hall) starting at noon Thursday, June 25th.

Event Schedule PDF
Full Program PDF
Medicine Hat JazzFest Website

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