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It’s time for the 7th annual One Book One Community (OBOC) in Medicine Hat. Winner of the 2010 in Canada First Novel Award, Newfoundland author Jessica Grant’s quirky Come, Thou Tortoise is this year’s featured book. This delightfully offbeat story features an opinionated tortoise and an IQ-challenged narrator who find themselves in the middle of a life-changing mystery.

The OBOC festivities will begin with ‘An Evening with Jessica Grant’ on Friday, October 14th at 7:30 pm in the Medicine Hat College Theatre (refreshments and book signing to follow).

On Saturday, October 15th, facilitated book discussions, readings from the novel by FUT in the Hat, and fun activities take place in Medicine Hat College, beginning with coffee at 9:30am. Everyone is invited to this book club! All events are free with the exception of Saturday’s lunch (tickets now available at Medicine Hat Public Library and at Medicine Hat College Vera Bracken Library).

For more information about Come, Thou Tortoise, Jessica Grant, and One Book One Community, visit the website at

This event is sponsored by the City of Medicine Hat, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Medicine Hat College, Medicine Hat Public Library, L.E.A.R.N., Medalta, Coles, and Safeway.

Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is hosting an election forum for federal candidates on April 28, 2011

On Thursday, April 28th the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a public forum for local candidates running in the 2011 Federal Election. The one-night event will take place at the Medicine Hat College Theatre and all candidates are being invited to participate.

Following the Chamber’s mandate to be the “voice of business” in the community, this forum will focus primarily on issues related to business and economic development.

Doors open at 6:30 PM. Event from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

All are welcome to attend.


Attendees are invited to submit questions for the candidates on the Chamber’s website at All questions for the forum will be determined prior to the event.

  • Questions must be submitted to the Chamber in advance.
  • Deadline to submit questions is 4:30 PM on April 27th.
  • Not all questions submitted will be posed to the candidates.
  • No photography, video, or audio recording is permitted.
  • No signs or banners will be permitted in the auditorium.

For more information, call (403) 527-5214 or visit

Bruce Spoon Tip Poster

Bruce Spoon Tip Poster

Want to learn entrepreneurial tips from one of the best? Bruce Poon Tip has received awards for Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, Canada’s Entrepreneur of the year and he has been honoured as Canada’s 100 Leaders of Tomorrow. Bruce is the founder of GAP Adventures and he is coming to give a presentation on the business aspect of GAP Adventures. A once in a lifetime opportunity for South East Alberta – to hear how it is done from the guy who did it!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 at 6:30PM at the Medicine Hat College Theatre.

Tickets are available at the Ecotourism booths up around the college until the 2nd, the Students Association Office, or by phone at 403-613-2386.

Helen Poster

Helen Poster

I attended the play Helen on Monday, March 30th and on the whole I enjoyed it.

The cast were well versed in their rolls and acted them out to perfection and the set was well put together. The videography was well done and the sound effects were good.

My only quarrels are these:

The play promotes something that seems like a mix of Hollywood and Spartan culture; however, the only time this became apparent really was near the end of the first act, near the end of the intermission, and the start of the second act. During these events, one of the actresses “up and quits” and is replaced by another. Other situations are the main actress being modeled after Marilyn Monroe, and some mannerisms that reflect and parallel the attitudes and actions of present day culture.

These things aside, it was a fun experience to partake in and a welcome change to that of a movie or watching television. It is a different experience entirely to watch something on screen and know how many times it must have taken someone to get the line just right or act their part just right, then sit down to a play, that takes hours, days, or weeks to get down and present that just right for the audience.

It was a great performance, you, the cast and crew of Helen.

Helen Cast - Photo from Facebook

Helen Cast - Photo from Facebook

See the original post for Helen here.
Facebook group (with pictures)

March 27th, 28th and on the 30th the College Players at the Medicine Hat College will be presenting “Helen: A Spartan Love Story”. The show will take place at 7:30PM each night but there will also be a matinee at 10AM on March 31st.

Helen - Email Handout

Helen - Email Handout

Written Description:

“What you might know about Helen of Troy, “the face that launched a thousand ships” is a ruse.  Helen was in Egypt the whole time the Trojan War was being fought. Helen’s image was used as bait by Aphrodite to lure a foreign prince while Helen biding her time awaiting news about the war being fought over “her”. Helen’s rightful husband, Menelaus, is shipwrecked in Egypt and discovers the reason for his entire expedition to Troy (and it’s destruction) was a false trail. The new Pharaoh doesn’t intend to honor his father’s agreement to keep her safe but plans to force her to marry him instead. Will they escape Egypt in time?”

This stage adaption of Helen: A Spartan Love Story is a look into what might of happened if 20th Century Fox asked Marilyn Monroe to film this project. Be sure to come check out this nostalgic mash-up of Sparta, Troy, Egypt and 1950’s actors and actresses. Thanks to Charleen Wilson for this submission.

Blair Lukacs, Deborah-lee Balmer, Ian Wearmouth, Bradford Thomson, Heather Midori Pautler, Dara Sutton, Hannah Rud, Mike Coughlan, Kayla McLeod, Whitney Kambeitz, Amber-Dawn Elizabeth Moore, Riley Schentag, Kristen Olson

College Players presents
A Spartan Love Story
March 27th, 28th and 30th at 7:30 p.m.
March 31st, matinee at 10 a.m.
College Theatre
Tickets $15 + s/c + GST

Facebook group (with pictures)
View Sean’s review of Helen here.

On Saturday, December 6, 2008, we attended the presentation of The Big “D”.

As was discussed in a previous article, The Big “D” was a performance/play about being big “D” Deaf. The play was about Patti Spicer and her life growing up and all the difficulties she overcame. During the nearly two hour performance, Patti Spicer interpreted many ordeals from her life, including a trip to Italy and getting separated from her party, the inability to speak with her hands to paramedics when she was involved in an accident, shunning from classmates during university, and more.

The play opened with a display of many labels that people with disabilities might come across, including “Odd”, “Broken”, “Weird”, etc. These labels are later ‘wiped away’ by the actors near the conclusion of the play, after the audience comes to realize that people that are deaf can do anything a hearing person can, they just cannot hear.

During the performance, the audience was enlightned with watching Patti Spicer, as well as other actors, communicate through sign language, which was then interpreted vocally. Singing and dancing were also part of the event, as well as, and most important of all, insight into another persons lifestyle and experiences.

The Big "D" Poster

The Big "D" Poster

The Big “D” will be performed on December 4, 5 & 6 at the Medicine Hat College Theatre. The tickets cost $10 (as a donation) and are available right now at the college, but you can also get them at the door. The doors open at 7:30PM each night and the show starts at 8:00PM.

So what is “The Big D”? The Big D is a play/performance about being deaf or Deaf, or more specifically about people who are Deaf and what they go through being “big D’s”. The purpose of the performance is to give viewers a glimpse of the world in which Deaf people live. Notice my use of lower and uppercase deaf and Deaf, well, according to Deaf culture there is a difference between the two. Being deaf means you might be hearing impaired and may use a hearing aid or implant; however being Deaf means you are clinically or legally deaf.


Deborah-Lee Balmer – Stage Manager, Actor – Garage Player
Dara Sutton – Actor – Garage Player
MacKenzie Porter – Actor, Singer – Garage Player
Mike McCoughlan
Kayla McLeod – Actor – Garage Player
Blair Lukacs – Actor – Garage Player
Hannah Amelia Rud – Actor – Garage Player
Sybil Eaglerib – Garage Player
Brandon Dorring
Patricia Spicer – Actor – Garage Player
Joanie Russel
James McCormick – Actor – Garage Player
Dr. Leslie Baldwin – Interpreter

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