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It’s official, just after 11am on Friday, September 24, 2010 McCoy High School was renamed “Monsignor McCoy High School”.

The Knights of Columbus made the suggestion to the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education last year, after concerns were raised that the name did not reflect anything that had to do with the Catholic Church. Adding “Monsignor” to the name of the school will also pay tribute to the late Monsignor E.J. McCoy who passed away in 1971.

MHCBE Board Member Peter Grad said that the new name will identify McCoy as a Catholic school, and newcomers to the city may notice that it is a Catholic School.

McCoy was a priest at St. Patrick’s Church, and lived in Medicine Hat until his passing.

There are a few recognizable names on the Medicine Hat Election 2010 going on on Monday, October 18, 2010.

Three candidates have put their names down for  Mayor:

Norm Boucher (incumbent),  Scott Cowan, and Julie Friesen

Meanwhile 12 candidates are vying for 8 aldermen seats in this year’s election:

Les Pearson, Jeremy Thompson (incumbent), Wayne Ziegler, Brian Varga, Phil Turnbull, Robert Dumanowski (incumbent), John Hamill (incumbent), Graham Kelly (Incumbent), Pat Kraus, George Webb, Wayne Craven, and Ted Clugston (incumbent)

For the Public School Board Trustees:

Terry Riely (incumbent), Dr. Ray Wilson (incumbent), Renae Kumm, Debra Forbes (incumbent), Greg Bender (incumbent), Mike Beaton, Rick Massini, and Lilas Litowsky

For the Medicine Hat Catholic School Board Trustees:

Dick Mastel , Jodi Churla (incumbent), Dianne Durda, Peter Grad (incumbent), Stan Aberle (incumbent), Gina Durst

Also, Kelly Van Ham has been acclaimed for the Bow Island Catholic School Board Trustee, due the fact he was the only nomination.

All of the polling information and candidates information is available on the city’s website.

For more information on the elections, view our Medicine Hat Municipal Election 2010 post by Mike.



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